Bollywood deserves its own Oscar


The Academy Award ceremony of the 81st Academy Awards in 2009 was named the “Indian Oscar” because the film “Millionaire from the Slums” received eight awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. The film is set in India, the actors are Indian, the third dialogue is in Hindi (one of the many languages ​​of India), and at the end there is a Bollywood-style song, but it is not, as many Americans believe, an Indian film. The filmmakers, including director Danny Boyle, are British. Only three of the eight Academy Awards went to the Indians: legendary composer A.R. Rahman won the best original part, Rahman, and lyricist Gulzar won the best original song, and Resul Pukuti won the best sound mix, not to be confused with “Best Sound.” Yes, there are two separate Academy Awards for sound production, as well as two awards for documentary film, two awards for animation and three awards for short film. At the 82nd Academy Award, to be held in 2010, the number of nominees for Best Picture will double to 10. And yet there is only one award for Best Foreign Language Film, selected from just five nominees. Bollywood, the world’s largest film industry by number of movie releases and number of viewers, has never received this award. And not because Bollywood movies don’t deserve pride.

For the last 20 years the countries dominating in the category of the best foreign films are France (10 nominations, 1 victory), Germany (8 nominations, 2 victories), Italy (6 nominations, 3 victories), Spain (5 nominations, 3 victories) and Russia (five nominations, 1 victory). Non-European countries have received the award only four times in the last two decades: Japan in 2008, South Africa in 2005, Canada in 2003 (the film was in French) and Taiwan in 2000. The Indian film has been nominated only three times for the award. stories: “Mother India” in 1957, “Salam Bambay” in 1988 and “Lagaan” in 2001.

Perhaps the category should be renamed the best European film for the sake of accuracy. And although the Academy is with him, it may add a new category: “Best Bollywood Film.”

The ceremony is already too long, but excluding or combining some of the aforementioned categories would capture the news – and the excitement – is what this ceremony needs. What can enliven it more than the spectacle of Bollywood? Why would it bring back the glamor and glamor of Old Hollywood. Think of the red carpet – all those stunning stars in twinkling saris and silk deer! Fashion commentators flip. American celebrities don’t even compare themselves in identical tuxedos and black and black robes.

But, alas, in 2010 it will not, at least not. There will be no trace of Bollywood next year.

The Indian Film Federation has selected the Marathi film “Harishchandrachi Factory” as the official presentation of India at the 2010 Academy Awards in the category of Best Foreign Film. The film won 15 nominees, including several major Bollywood films such as “Fashion,” “New York,” and “Delhi-6.” This is the second time India has sent a Marathi film to the Academy, the first being “Schwaas” in 2004. The Harishchandrachi Factory is a feature film about India’s first feature film, Raja Harishchandra, in 1913 (India’s film industry preceded America. Hollywood’s first feature film was made in 1914.)

The Film Federation of India, which selects Oscar material in India, is an umbrella trading organization representing all of India’s film industry. That’s right, Bollywood is just one of many in India. Imagine if there was a thriving Spanish-speaking film industry in the U.S. that gave Hollywood a paycheck, or regional film industries in Chicago, Atlanta, and Seattle that were equal to L.A. That’s the way it is in India. The term “Bollywood” refers to the Hindi-based film industry based in the city of Mumbai, formerly known as Bambay. Other film industries in the country include Hollywood, which refers to Tamil-language films shot in the Kadambakkam district of Chennai; Mollywood, is a Malay language in the Malayalam state of Kerala; and “Hollywood,” which refers to Telugu films from Andhra Pradesh and Bengali films made in the Calcutta neighborhood. (Marathi cinema is too small to be nicknamed.)

What works in the “Best Foreign Language Film” category is that each country is invited to submit one film to the Academy Award for consideration, then the Academy narrows these materials down to five nominees, and one of the nominees is recognized as the winner. But Bollywood needs to go through two obstacles: first it has to compete with the Indian film industry, and then it has to compete on a global platform that has a commitment to Europe.

There is another reason for Bollywood movies that have no chance of winning. Like Hollywood, Bollywood is a commercial film industry that for the most part makes movies, not feature films. And nominees in a foreign film company are usually very refined. Even the owners of the best Hollywood photos would not have won in this category. In a one-on-one contest, would the winner of the 1999 Best Picture, Shakespeare in Love, win the winner of a foreign film, Life is Beautiful, Italy? Not by accident. Did the winner of “Forest Gump” win the Russian film “Burnt by the Sun” in 1995, which won this year’s foreign film “Oscar” and the main prize at the Cannes Film Festival? No way.

Thus, the probability of receiving a Bollywood foreign film award is small. Not that the Indians really care, because they have their own awards ceremonies, namely – Filmfare Awards. There are no boring categories at this event, and there are a few interesting ones that are similar to the download: “Best Villain”, “Best Male / Female Debut” and “Best Dialogue”. Even the statue is better – instead of a muscular golden man resembling a horrible, naked Ken doll, the Filmfare winners receive a statuette of a gorgeous dark lady. When it comes to entertainment, Bollywood just knows how to entertain, even at awards ceremonies. It’s a shame that Oscar won’t succeed for that.



John Wesley is a methodical man


John Wesley, the younger brother of the poet Charles and an extraordinary evangelist, preached, wrote and financed the gospel of Christ. He also spoke of its spiritual and social implications for urban and field workers, shopkeepers and soldiers and sailors in unequal eighteenth-century England. The mere assertion that Christ was the ceremonial Savior in ritual form was never enough to confirm the conversion of faith in John. He insisted that his followers realize their commitment to Christ and then methodically practice what Jesus and his older half-brother James – and then Wesley himself – considered important. John did so so successfully that many historians believe that England avoided the horrible bloodbath of the French Revolution because the Wesley Spiritual Revival reformed the island society without resorting to violence. During his ministry, Wesley taught that any religion that does not offer love and support equally to everyone, regardless of their possessions, prestige, or power — or lack thereof — is not a Christian faith at all. This offended some of the narcissistic rulers of Parliament so much that they expelled John from his Anglican pulpit, forcing him to preach in the streets and fields – which, of course, was where all these prickly people were. Gentlemen and bishops could not have better planned John’s success if they had worked out the details for six months – but then God often uses the folly of men for great and wonderful purposes! John did not allow his converts to accidentally mature like Christians. He developed the procedures he named methods should be followed when internalizing the means of mercy (which is why his followers are sarcastically called Methodists!). He trained pastors, evangelists, conscripts, and evangelical leaders who met with people at least once a week between services. They also conducted Renaissance classes and camp meetings with the enthusiasm of preaching, calling, and singing, as the church has seldom heard since the early days of Christianity. Roberta remembers when the phrases “sing like Methodists” and “shout Methodists” were in respect of respect. Jard, in his youth, loved camp meetings deep in the great forest, away from the hustle and bustle of life and work. It was an honor to choose testimony at Methodist meetings. These activities were so popular that a person could not even come to the evening sessions and come to the camp meetings without a ticket. Roberta’s grandfather, Will Howard, was the last head of the Methodist class in Denver before the denomination became too difficult for such evangelical training, as it had been arguing with German top critics for too many decades.

John’s reputation (and the political affiliation of his explosive assemblies) spread across England like wildfire until he was able to spend an afternoon in a foggy London town, demanding money from wealthy merchants, raising two to three thousand pounds for charity. Then he gave it all away to care for the orphans before coming home. John really looked after the poor and needy, spiritually and physically – and they loved a somewhat strict man. In his lifetime he had amassed hundreds of thousands of pounds of silver, but, having become mind and spirit, he realized that he could bear nothing for it. So he donated it to the poor to the great disgust of King George III’s tax collectors, who spent a fruitless week ramming his wife’s hereditary house and stable for John’s treasure – money long spent for those disseminated by the popular aristocracy despised by the ignorant and insincere. . But while the British elite did not understand people like John and Charles, the middle class world emerging in the world accepted them and their message of redemption, love and social service in one of the greatest Christian awakenings of all times and peoples.

John lived to a ripe old age and died with almost no money. Some said it was a shame – a tired old man left behind – a few patchwork woolen suits, a broken and soiled Bible, a redeemed old mare – and – and – a Methodist church all over the world. As a result, Methodism numbered about eighteen million middle-class people: London in Singapore and Sydney, from Cape Town to Chicago, Hong Kong and San Francisco, and almost every point between them. All because a few stupid teenagers have matured spiritually enough to emerge from the shadow of a narcissistic society and church that has fallen into the notion of a ruthless aristocracy of the Empire that has exploited and abused the clergy and the faithful.

Flooding devout Methodists who systematically worked to improve their faith, hope, and love, England soon freed its slaves by opening free classes on Sundays to teach reading, writing, math, and religion to children of all classes, helping the poor escape poverty by teaching them trade. and the establishment of a constitutional monarchy with a strong House of Commons elected by the people to oppose the hereditary and highly elitist House of Lords.

Wesleyan’s belief that spiritual worship and social responsibilities go hand in hand, as well as the guide’s right and left hands, had a major impact on the English-speaking world. For example, throughout our civilization there has hardly been a city without a few Methodist churches, a Methodist hospital, free orphanages, Weslin College, and charities of various kinds.

Not too shabby a legacy for a poor field preacher who failed to save a shilling, but who saved a nation from a bloody revolution with a message of his faith and the mercy of the Lord – when he crossed cold and foggy England, embracing more than twenty thousand riding horses during deep service.

And two hundred years later, when Chaim Ginot (a clinical psychologist and pediatrician) named a man he felt became a self-actualizing leader, he named John Wesley as a man who gave his best to the people among whom he lived, loved, and belonged.

Unfortunately, the church has not always been as spiritual as led by pious leaders such as John and Charles Wesley – along with other people like Luther, Whitfield, Arminius, Feeney, Moody, Graham, King and more – each with fire for God and people in the belly! Certainly, narcissistic users and rapists don’t need much time to sniff out opportunities for themselves by entering into and controlling something as poorly organized and as generous with their love, time, and money as the church. The story, probably apocryphal, tells that the Renaissance pope displayed one of the most powerful European monarchs through his treasuries under the Vatican, which were stocked with treasures of silver, gold and precious stones. He smiled proudly and boasted;

We can no longer talk to Jesus – we do not have silver and gold. After this the old crust of the emperor grinned and stopped roaring;

You also cannot say to lame men and women, “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth we command you to get up, take the bed, and go!”



I want my 400 pounds! – Road transport, APU and weight gain


Nowadays, there is a lot of gossip about fun devices (auxiliary power supplies and generators). Yes, the federal government gives up to £ 400 for trucks with APU – and any device used to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. This is part of the idle reduction strategy – to encourage trucks and hauliers to install APUs. But that doesn’t mean you can always get it.

The law says that any vehicle with an APU “may be allowed up to 400 pounds of total weight, axle, tandem or bridge formula” – a generator mounted on a tractor will not allow the repeal of the bridge law.

The problem is that while the federal government allows weight gain, states don’t need to allow it. This means that in one state you can be allowed to work up to £ 80,400. but in the next condition you can limit yourself to £ 80,000. despite a federal government order. Many states already have weight tolerances that exceed 400 pounds, so the ordinance doesn’t really affect enforcement procedures.

In theory it’s great, but in practice it’s worth almost nothing.

What we are faced with is that many officers are unaware of Federal Union ordinances, and so if the state legislature can accept a £ 400 allowance, law enforcement officers may not be aware of it. All the following information may change, and the right hand, as always, may not know what the left hand is doing. Be prepared to show as much documentation as possible every time you encounter a checkpoint!

Below is a list of states and the status of their weight loss status of 400 pounds. We address government officials directly – none of this is used. All information is subject to change.

States that have taken the allowance up to £ 400 (weighing station officers may not know):


Arkansas will allow an additional £ 400 per axle to account for APU, but will not allow more than £ 80,000 per weight.






The Michigan DOU allows £ 400 for the version. The problem you may face is that the weighing station staff we spoke to did not know about the federal ordinance, and the Michigan Truck Safety Center was under the impression that Michigan did not make the ordinance but could not say for sure. According to Lt. Dave Ford, Michigan is indeed complying with the £ 400 ruling. Drivers must have a documented mass of APU documented by the manufacturer, and have proof that a documented APU has been installed on that unit (as opposed to another APU).

North Dakota


The Oregon Senate Bill 223 officially allows trucks with AUC (auxiliary power plants) an extra 400 pounds with a limit on their total weight. Oregon complies with the federation’s ordinance and requires written weight certification by the AUC. Oregon law enforcement officials have been releasing 400 pounds since February 2006. The APU must be in working order.


Weight relief of 400 pounds is only allowed on interstate highways. Drivers on public routes are subject to Virginia’s standard and weight standard.


States that have not accepted the 400-pound weight relief and:

* have weight tolerances (for deviations from the scale)

* Small board size and won’t make you load an extra 400 pounds

* and states whose officers are unlikely to give you a ticket unless you provoke them – official analysis is a factor (officers in many of these states were unaware of the £ 400 pound weight loss but said £ 400 was too little for worry them):


Greenwich station staff were unaware of the Federal Union’s ruling, but said the chances of writing a quote for such a small amount were unlikely. This stretch of 95 I is limited to £ 80,000, no matter what the driver allows, so the limit is £ 80,000. £ 80,000 could result in a ticket, but that’s likely until the truck reaches £ 81,000, depending on the officer’s opinion. The official word from commercial vehicle execution headquarters is that Connecticut has not accepted a 400-pound weight exemption.






It’s entirely up to the officer’s opinion – you most likely won’t get a ticket for £ 400.



New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

The North Carolina train station staff we called were unaware of the £ 400 federal aid, but said they had a £ 500 tolerance that they would allow before they could start writing tickets.

South Dakota

Officers do not disclose allowable tolerance, but say their tolerance exceeds £ 400, so even though the legitimacy has not yet adopted a federal standard, their current standards allow for weight gain.


POE Henefer officials say they will give up to £ 500 per APU. Employees of other state-owned enterprises were unsure of the law.

West Virginia


Station officials weighing £ 25 say it will allow up to £ 500 per ticket without a ticket.

States that do not give £ 400 for the AUC (based on our requests – can be changed):

Alabama, Arizona, Indiana, New Jersey

There are several states on this list. We are still contacting states from which we have not received a response and will provide updated information when it becomes available! Feel free to contact us about your experience.

To receive £ 400 assistance, you will need to provide:

* Written certified weight APU (if your APU weighs only 380 pounds, you will only be allowed 380 pounds)

* certified confirmation (or ability to demonstrate) that the VSP is functional (working)

You also want to bring a copy of the federal ordinance. You can find it in the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations [] in heading 23 (freeway), section 658.17 (you will find it in section n).



How to get an apartment permit even with a criminal record


One of the most unpleasant cases you may encounter is a denial of housing. In apartment complexes run by real estate management firms, a number of factors are used to determine who should rent and who should not. One of the most common factors they use is a criminal investigation. A criminal story can be one of the biggest hassles one can face when renting an apartment.

The reason why apartment dwellers require criminal liability checks is primarily for the safety of the general community. There is a general belief that people with a harsh past are bound to fall into their previous destructive habits. The notion of history repeating seems to prevail in many places when it comes to criminal history, and nowhere more than in rental offices.

Another reason why apartment leasing offices conduct criminal checks is to create an appearance of security in the community, and so they have reason to charge rent. If the neighborhood or apartment housing has a high crime rate, tenants will not want to continue renting, which means there will be more living space that will be vacant and that management must fill (or risk becoming a censored owner). The more vacant living space in the apartments, the more it hurts the management as it reduces the rent.

When conducting a criminal inspection of an apartment, the focus is usually on criminal records. Crimes that are only punishable by fines are usually not a concern. If you have a misdemeanor, you don’t care, but if it’s a criminal case, you can refuse.

There are two main ways to get an apartment permit if you have a criminal record. The first is to check the nature of your offense and find out if you have received what is called a deferred ruling. This is a probationary period granted to violators for the first time and is also known as public oversight. If you have been convicted of an offense and given a probationary period, you can go to the county office and ask about what is called a court panel. It’s a printout showing the offense, the court that heard the case, and the verdict that was handed down, and the fact that you adjourned the decision. The printout also states that you have successfully completed the utility without any other instances, and that you should not be discriminated against when it comes to services. You can take a copy of this document from the head of the apartment and in most cases he will approve you.

Another way to get an apartment – is exemption from citizens. This is a seal of your criminal record and can be done depending on whether you are eligible. There is a great e-book on the market on how to get an apartment even if you have a criminal record and bad credit, and you can get it at []



Exploring the capital of Gabi


About Honolulu

Lush beaches, alluring greenery and stunning architecture are some of the features of the Hawaiian capital Honolulu. It is also the most populous city in the state. Located on the island of Oahu, Honolulu is the main gateway to Hawaii and the main gateway to the United States. It is both the westernmost and southernmost major American city. Honolulu means “safe harbor” or “quiet port”. Honolulu often ranks high in the world life rankings and is also the second safest city in the country.

Tourist attractions

The rich capital of Hawaii boasts such a wide range of attractions that almost everyone can find something delicious. Lovers of art and history will find much to be found along with the USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor / World War II at the Pacific National Monument, the Missouri Memorial Link, the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park, the Bishops’ Museum, the Macapu Lighthouse Trail, Iola Palace. , the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii, the Honolulu Museum of Art, and the Pearl Harbor Museum of Pacific Aviation.

Nature-romantics can delight themselves with many picturesque places such as the Diamond State Monument, Hanauma Beach Nature Reserve, Waikiki Beach, Manoa Waterfall, Fort Fort Derusi Beach Park, Tantalus Astral, Pooh-Walakaa, Magic Island Park and Moana Beach, Capiolani. . Wildlife enthusiasts can explore the magnificent Honolulu Zoo.

For shopaholics are ideal recreation centers of the culinary company “Honolulu” Hilton Hawaiian Village, the center of “Alla Moana”, “Changes of Stadiums of Allah”, “Hawaiian Royal Center”, “Don Quixote” and the shopping center “Kahala Mall”. Fans of drama and theater can grab a marvelous exhibition of performing arts from “The Fair Show,” “Rock A-Hula,” “The Great Kahuna-Luau,” “Hale-Koa-Luau,” “Comedy Night” and “The Magic of Polynesia”.

For party animals Mai Tai Bar at the Hawaiian Royal Hotel, JCB Plaza Lounge Honolulu, Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu, Paradise Pedals Hawaii, RumFire ​​and The Study are the perfect places to make their nights. For people looking for delicious food, Ono seafood, Helena Hawaiian food, pig and lady, steak shake, Alan Wong’s restaurant and Uncle Bo’s Pupu Bar & Grill are the best places for mouth-watering meals.

Some of the other famous places of interest include the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Shangri-La, St. Augustine’s Seaside, the Statue of the Duke of Kahanamoku, the Oklahoma USS Memorial, the Statue of King Kamehameha, the city of Honolulu, the Izuma Taishakiyo Mission, Hawaii and Hawaii, Hawaii.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Honolulu is from September to November when the temperature, hotel rates and airline prices are favorable. You can find cheap air tickets to Honolulu by browsing various travel packages offered by various travel portals online.

The main airport

Honolulu International Airport (IATA: HNL) is the main aviation gateway and county of Honolulu and the State of Hawaii and is recognized as one of the busiest airports in the United States, with a traffic of more than 21 million passengers and increasing.



Parking of trucks at weighing stations, part 1


Tired summer residents are everyone’s problem. And no trucker wants to drive tired. Some truckers insist that if you plan your trip properly, you should always be able to find parking. Other truckers understand that no matter how much you plan, truck parking can be elusive. Truck stops are usually filled later than before. But truckers can’t force themselves to get tired according to plan. Going to bed with a lot of sleep if your plan requires sleep, it doesn’t give you a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, looking for a parking space is just part of a truck driver.

Most drivers avoid parking at weighing stations like the plague. This is understandable. But if you’re tired, maybe that’s not such a bad idea. The following is a guiding principle of the policy of some states in relation to the parking of trucks at weighing stations – what is allowed, what is not, and what trucks can expect.


California has no official policy regarding parking at weighing stations. And at any weighing station there is no official policy, so you may encounter a robber officer who prefers to take care of the truckers. But overall, it’s safer for you to park at California weighing stations than you might think.

Truckers looking for a safe place to park should consider parking at Banning Station. There is no official policy, but the only opinion of most officers on the Banning Truck Scale is that they are more likely to have drivers able to park at the weighing station than tired drivers on the roadway. If you want to park, you want to zoom in, park and go inside to let the officers know you want to rest. This way they will learn that your truck is not “unattended”. Unattended trucks have a 4-hour period after which the truck will be towed. Wheeler weighing station staff will agree. Tired truckers are dangerous, and they prefer truckers to take a break from weight than to drive tired. At Wheeler Ridge you should not inform the officers that you will be parking for a while.

California weighing stations with smaller spaces do not allow parking. For example, trucks are not allowed to park in San Onofre nb or San Onofre sb. Trucks are also not allowed to park at the weighing station of Traki. The same goes for Conejo nb and Conejo sb. But even that doesn’t put in the stone. Employees on the Conejo nb scale say that if they are not busy and if a trucker comes and informs them that they are tired, they can take advantage of their opinion and allow the driver to park and relax. Both scales Conejo nb and Conejo sb will close their gates in closed hours, unless parked cars are not. Do not plan to park on ramps when the weighing station is closed.


Truck parking is allowed – in fact it is welcome in any of Florida’s “supermarkets” such as weighing stations in Pensacola, Wildwood and Flagler Beach. Parking is restricted elsewhere at Florida Station, such as Hopewell or Bennel, and therefore drivers should not expect to be able to find parking on this scale. Florida DOT officials say drivers can park in any of Florida’s “super chefs” without fear of reconsidering an unwanted review. If an officer sees something that is clearly a safety breach – such as a flat tire, the driver will be notified of the breach before he leaves the weighing station and this will need to be corrected. However, officers will not ask the driver, who was parked at the weighing station, for his log, and will not take the vehicle for inspection. Unless, of course, the driver is parked there because he was knocked out – if the driver is out of service for violating the log, he may be asked to view the drivers ’log before the driver is allowed to leave the weight of the station.


Truck parking is allowed at any Georgia weighing station as long as there is space. Drivers are asked to park in the back at any of Georgia’s “supermarkets”. One weight station in Georgia, where there are no parking spaces, is the weight of the Lithium Springs station on the I 20 eastern border, west of Atlanta. Drivers should not plan to park at the Lithia Springs weighing station. Georgia’s DOT staff say that while drivers may not pass the check if they were parked at a weighing station, that’s out of the question. Officers can ask a driver coming out of the parking lot to show his log. They can also inspect the truck. This is unlikely, but there is no policy that would prohibit this practice.


The Walton weighing station and the Verona weighing station are marked as “safe havens” for truckers. This means that truckers can park there without fear of overcrowding and unwanted inspection. Kentucky law enforcement officials note that road workers may conduct an inspection when they arrive at the weighing station, but once they have cleared the scale of the trucks and gone to a “safe haven,” they no longer have to worry about it. Safe Haven weighing stations are a safe place to park trucks.



How football teams are battling breast cancer in 2013


Every year in October, when the world celebrates pink during the celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, people silently wonder if the pink movement really helps promote cancer. In particular, does the annual NFL pink-wearing campaign really pay off? Has it changed in the lives of cancer patients, survivors and victims?

This year, football teams have shown support for breast cancer awareness in different ways. Here are some stories:

The Cardinals of Arizona On September 30, a dinner was held for breast cancer survivors. Amber Carrington from season 4 of “The Voice” sang the anthem. Carrington’s mother died of breast malignancy.

The Juices of Atlanta treated the five survivors to a night of exquisite dinner, which they called the fifth annual “Blinding and Dinner” event. While singing the anthem, the river rescuers held a large pink ribbon. The “Falcons” flag was also hung by the survivors and their families.

The Baltimore Crow A tribute to the victims of breast cancer and patients in the community was held on the football field. Pink shirts were provided to all survivors. Krumkachi’s wives, staff and fans have also taken steps against breast cancer.

The Bifala made a solemn pink lighting of Niagara Falls, and also arranged pink fireworks.

The Carolina Panther handed out tickets to the game to those who submitted their stories to the team’s website, magazine and program. Panthers player Greg Olsen, whose mother herself survived, held the position of honorary drummer until the start.

The Chicago bears printed pink shirts with the slogan “Fans of bears wear pink” and sold them for the benefit of cancer patients. Proceeds from the sale were used to provide critical breast care services to women from low-income families.

To date, the NFL has been able to raise a total of $ 4.5 million in the American Cancer Society from proceeds from the sale of pink goods. Players, coaches and referees must wear a pink uniform, such as a pink uniform, pink hairstyles and pink soccer socks during games in the month of October. All pink goods were then autographed by the owners, sold at auction, and proceeds from breast cancer and other cancer-promoting groups were raised.

Football fans can also participate in an advertising campaign, as some NFL partners sell pink goods in stadium stores as well as online. Again, the percentage of profits from the sale of pink goods benefits charities.





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Chicago Fire, Columbus Crew, D.C.United, Kansas City Wizards, New England Revolution, New York Red Bulls and Toronto FC belong to the Eastern Conference MLS teams.

Chivas USA, Colorado Rapids, FC Dallas, Houston Dynamo, Los Angeles Galaxy, Real Salt Lake, San Jose Earthquakes and Seattle Saunders FC belongs to the Western Conference MLS teams.


CricketTicket is an intensive US house for major international cricket competitions, which includes ICC tournaments, IPL tournaments, the Twenty20 Champions League and many other cricket competitions. CricketTicket brings a whole season of exciting matches from Australia, India and Sri Lanka.

Setanta Sports

DIRECTV’s Setanta Sports channel features the most football and rugby action around the world. Subscribers can gain 24-hour access to the 2010 Barclays Premier League, FIFA World Cup qualifiers, Six Nations and Super 14.

Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, England International, UEFA Cup, Carling Cup, 2010 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, English Championship / Ligue 1 and 2, International Friendlies, Scottish Premier League, MUTV Cup, MVV Cup Chelsea TV and 2012 Euro Qualifiers – football leagues in Setanta Sports.

Heineken European Cup, English Premier League, Super 14, Tri Nations, IRB Rugby Sevens, British and Irish Lions, Tour 2009, Chicken Curry, New Zealand Cup, Autumn England International Tournament, Six Nations, Powergen Cup, League Magners, Super League and Rugby League – Rugby leagues in the sport of Setanta and Gaelic football and hurling, other leagues – the rules of Asi.


NCAA MEGA MARCH MADNESS provides all games of the NCAA Division I men’s tournament in HD. Subscribers can find NCAA MEGA MARAD MADNESS only on DIRECTV. In the game Mix on one screen you can view up to 4 games, and you can choose to view the game in full screen. Subscribers can score points and updates in real time with the tournament at the touch of a button. They can create elections and track their progress throughout the tournament.


DIRECTV’s SPORTS PACK allows subscribers to enjoy more than 35 sports channels 24 hours a day that include NBA, MTN, GoLTV, MSG, YES and international sports, college sports, extreme seasonal sports – all in one fantastic package. Subscribers can grab games across the country with more than 20 sports networks. Any game can be recorded and watched later using the DIRECTV DVR. Subscribers’ favorite sports can enjoy HD.

NBA TV HD, TVG – Interactive Equestrian Network, Outdoor Channel, CBS College Sports HD, MTN, Fox Football Channel, GoLTV, Fox Sports en Espanol, Comcast SportsNet New England HD, Madison Square Garden, YES Network HD, New England Sports Network HD, MSG PLUS HD, SportsNet New York HD, Mid-Atlantic Sports Network HD, FSN Pittsburgh HD, Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic HD, FSN South HD, SportSouth HD, Sun Sports HD, FSN Florida, FSN Detroit HD, FSN Ohio, FSN Cincinnati , SportsTime Ohio HD, Comcast SportsNet Chicago HD, FSN North HD, FSN Southwest HD, Altitude Sports and Entertainment HD, FSN Rocky Mountain HD, FSN Midwest HD, FSN Arizona HD, FSN Northwest HD, FSN West HD, FSN Prime Ticket HD, Comcast SportsNet Bay Area and Comcast SportsNet California are channels available in the DIRECTV SPORTS PACK.

Grand Slam Golf

Subscribers can feel at the Grand Slam Golf with wide coverage on multiple channels that can be viewed in full screen or all four simultaneously on one screen. The bonus coverage of the PGA Championship from the National Golf Club Hazeltine will be displayed on three specialized channels. Subscribers can enjoy coverage of three channels on one screen or select any of it to tune to full screen. They can feel every swing with breathtaking clarity in HD. The subscriber can visualize the results in real time for players without missing even a stroke, and keep tabs on all popular golfers throughout the tournament.

Grand Slam Tennis

The US Open, the Australian Open, the French Open and Wimbledon can be enjoyed by subscribers on multiple channels in full screen or simultaneously on one screen. The DIRECTV direct received the most prestigious Grand Slam tournament from the All England Club. Bonus coverage of several matches can be viewed on individual channels or on a single Wimbledon Mix Channel. With the help of the Match Guide, the results of the matches and the final results of most players in real time will be promoted on TV channels. The subscriber can experience antagonism and action in crystal clear HD.


UFC “Pay Per View” The UFC delivers a passion of world-class kings such as Georges Saint-Pierre, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture and more. The match can be recorded on a video recorder from any computer or mobile phone. Subscribers can experience every hit and ground in clear HD. The names of the contenders and their results can be viewed using past UFC events when the viewer has not watched live matches.


WWE’s DIRECTV Pay Per View provides the strength, fury and finish moves of wrestlers. Watch WWE Superstars and all the destruction. Take the best of future wrestlers. TripleH.John Cena, Undertaker, Edge, Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton are the superstars of the WWE fight for the WWE Gold. The DVR can be recorded to record WWE events from any computer or mobile. DIRECTV triggers most WWE events in HD. The names of the wrestlers and their results can be found in past events in the WWE.



Ticket for spring training


Business tickets for spring training can be looked for on merchandise, although this often depends on the teams playing as well as where they play. Spring training is an opportunity to see the created players from your favorite team in other conditions. It’s also time to see and come players who can make their way into the team.

If you consider that every professional team will probably play a day here for a whole month, then you should watch a lot of games. Another issue is the size of the place. Take the New York Yankees playing their home games during spring training on the old “Legends” field in Tama. Currently, the field, called George M. Steinbrenner, on the field can accommodate ten thousand fans. Again you think there will be a lot of tickets and yet the land is often sold during spring training.

The New York Yankees participated in one of the most advertised events related to spring ticket sales. Back in 2005, nearly a thousand Boston Red Sox fans settled on the spot for up to 40 hours hoping to buy tickets to watch their team play in the New York Yankees at Palms Park.

In general, the game in Arizona has more tickets for spring training than in Florida, although teams such as “Diamondbacks Arizona” and “Chicago Cubs” – decent draws. This may have something to do with the location of how many teams are involved. Many of the fans love to spend time on the beach as much as watching baseball games.

In general, there are many sources to purchase tickets, although some sources sell faster than others. Tickets can be brought directly from the Premier Baseball League website as well as directly from the clubs themselves. Companies like Disney also sell tickets, and they can often be taken as a package while staying at a Florida resort. If you’re too slow to get tickets from one of these sources, then there are also many online sites that will sell you a ticket to spring baseball practice, though, as you might expect prices to rise from the initial sale prices.

If you’re only after spring training baseball tickets to any team and to any game, then you’ll find a lot. Try to get tickets to one of the most popular teams, especially if you play other support and you will struggle to get tickets.