Luxury Trip to Costa Rica – 5 Places to Consider

Costa Rica has become a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world, and especially the United States. It's a convenient place, a year-round tropical climate and 800 miles of coastline, creating the perfect destination for business or pleasure. In recent years, several companies in America have opened offices near the coast of […]

History and background of travel agency

Basically when you tell a travel agent you can imagine someone who can assist you with the planning of your trip or someone who needs to be responsible for all the preparation you need. Travel Agencies are retail companies that assist customers with planning, booking and preparing holiday trips or just the transportation and accommodation […]

Travel writing – Write in the third person

If you are writing travel articles but consider what is best to enable you to get the most opportunity to get your articles published. One of the tips to consider is to write first or third person. There are several smart and popular travel writers. Some of them are household names. Others are new and […]

Scooters – How far can your scooter go on a charge?

Scooters are in the range they can reach depending on the type of scooter and brand. You have electric scooters and gasoline scooters from many companies. I'm going to talk about mileage and the use of Razor Electric Scooters. There are plenty of different options with Razor electric scooters, such as color speed, size, seating […]

5 Important Tips for Traveling in Morocco

One of the most common comments about Morocco is that people are extremely lovable. This is absolutely true! Generosity is the substance of the nation, and you will find it everywhere, from the poorest villages to the wealthiest fences. # 1 Do your research! Find out which areas of Morocco are interesting and what activities […]

How fast is your data traveling the Internet?

The speed of light is approximately 300,000 km per second. Did you know that electrons that use electricity also use very close to this speed. The information that travels on the internet also travels near this speed. The information or molded electrons travel somewhere around 60% of the light speed of most conductors. WiFi signals, […]

A retired, single caravan & # 39; is Tours

For about 30 years, I practiced law in Mesa, Arizona. (Please don't hold this against me. I wasn't really a good lawyer, really.) When I was about to turn 62 and collect Social Security, I decided to quit and retire. I already had Coleman camping and a small pickup truck. My marriage had gone to […]