A retired, single caravan & # 39; is Tours

For about 30 years, I practiced law in Mesa, Arizona. (Please don't hold this against me. I wasn't really a good lawyer, really.) When I was about to turn 62 and collect Social Security, I decided to quit and retire. I already had Coleman camping and a small pickup truck. My marriage had gone to hell and I had a bad case to give way to. I decided that a few days or months on the road would be fun.

I loved it right away. I spent weeks and months together in camps around the Southwest. I fished in dozens of lakes and met dozens of people, most of whom were much finer individuals than
those I had associated with my exercises. I enjoyed them all but found that most were either married or seriously married. I was still in a married life. I wasn't really part of any social group. I missed sitting around the fire and telling lies to people with my own lifestyle. I loved the RVing lifestyle but missed the closer social life. So I discovered Loners on Wheels, Inc.

I don't know where I first heard of Loners on Wheels (LoWs) but somehow I was offered a camp sponsored by the Tucson chapter. I loved it! Here was a lot of tents, just
like me, to have the time of their lives. Playing games every night. Happy hour every night. Coffee together every morning. Hiking and fishing and do nothing. It was great! I participated

A few words about LoWs. This is a club consisting of thousands of individual camps. It has sections in every state and most of Canada's provinces. To be a LoW, you have to be a legal single and have a desire to socialize and camp with other single people. It is not a strategic service. If your sole purpose is to find a spouse, then you can do much better with Parents without a partner or any of many similar organizations. 3,000 members of this club organize camps at least once a month. We band together simply because we are not comfortable with the couple only the community we all come from. In this club we can enjoy wonderful social activities and
yet maintaining our happy lifestyle.

Many of our LoWs are retired. The way of life was made for us. Most of my family is working in their heart to try to get to where I am now! We still have loving family and friends "at home" but they simply do not have the time to give us the love and care we find in this club.

Come with me !!