How having the right identification of dogs can help you better with your travels

No loving family wanted their dog lost while traveling. But dogs are like children and when they are unattended, unfortunate things can happen. Pets who have a proper understanding of themselves have a better chance of being found compared to those who do not.

Here are some tips to give your pet proper identification

Make sure your pet has your ID. As a basic identification, your dog should have a social security number around his neck. This is a temporary solution and can help identify your pet faster. Also, pet identification can be lost, especially when your dog moves around most of the time.

A permanent solution would be to put a microchip on your pet or tattoo information on your pet on its skin. Microchip serves as a permanent identification system and will always be with your pet. Each chip contains a separate identification number that can be read with a microchip scanner. It has all the data needed to bring the pet to its owner, so you don't forget to keep the microchip up.

Create a list of your dogs unique, identifying tags. When you are facing several dogs of the same breed, it will be difficult to tell which of your pets is each. Your pet's unique identification will prove that you are indeed the owner of the pet.

Recently posted photo. Although it is cute to keep a picture of your dog when he is only young, it does not work to identify them if he is lost. When you go on a trip, make sure you have the latest photo of your pet. Have it copied or faxed if necessary.

When your dog is missing

  1. As soon as you realize that your pet has disappeared, call the authorities and let them know that you are missing a pet. The sooner you call, the more likely your dog will be found right away.
  2. Ensure the necessary documentation to help identify your dog. The latest photo would be most helpful and it would be great if you recognized your pet's unique features.
  3. If you are smart enough to put a dog ID or have the cookie arrow on you, you will probably get a call. So do not forget to have the phone when searching for your dog.
  4. Bring some bait. Bring a toy, trimmings box or something your dog would love to hear. That, along with the tone of your voice, can tell your pet that everything is fine. Usually they come running when they hear a familiar sound.