Going Global: The life of a travel scientist

The life of a traveling nurse is fun, exciting, unpredictable, stressful, worrying, exhausting and fast moving at the same time. I'm a travel nurse and that's one of the best things I've ever done. There is so much that goes into the profession. Experiencing it is a perfect adventure.

What exactly is a travel nurse? Basically, it sounds like anything. A nurse who travels the country, or even around the world, exercises her nursing skills at a specific location for a short time. There are many specialties in the nursing field and most of them have the opportunity to travel. When you go into this industry, they experience the world like no other. A person is not only exposed to the romantic aspects of the place, but covers almost everything that surrounds a special area, including: the food, the people, the culture, the activities, the living standards and so much more. Many people in this industry find their new homes when they are on a mission.

In addition, the traveling nurse will meet all kinds of people, both with work and personal activities. We learn to adapt very quickly to an ever-changing environment and are able to work with all kinds of people. This can also have headaches, resentments, fears, insecurities and loneliness. As a travel nurse, you are away from family and friends and constantly travel into an unknown area. With each new adventure you have to prove your worth. However, the learning curve increases exponentially, you get to experience the world and see things you never thought you would do, you make lots of new friends and basically travel for free. You have to pay for that problem.

As I said before, I am a traveling nurse and the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. I have traveled around the country, seen and done amazing things and made lots of new friends. Best of all, I met my wife while on nursing trips. I can talk and write all day about the subject and someday I probably will.

The travel nursery class is a perfect adventure. Anyone who loves to travel, gets excited for change, enjoys meeting new people, wants to explore the country and is already in the nursing or health professions, should consider becoming a tourist. Yes, I said health care, since not only nursing has the opportunity to travel. Is it scary, especially when you first start? Yes, but it is worth it in my opinion.