Travel in India – How to Eat Bananas Safely

For the first time traveling to India, eating can be one of the main sources of fear.

"Will I get a stomach from Delhi?"

The answer sounds like, "Most likely!" but do not let it travel in the absurdly magical land of the earth.

Okay, back to the banana. Here's how you should eat bananas in India. Hold him with the stem with one hand while you flip it carefully with the other … so far it is just like eating at home. But here's the important part – you have to make sure that if you have touched the outer banana, you do not touch the part you are going to eat.

Why? What could make you sick is not the banana itself, it is the germ of some tiny drops of water, etc. outside the banana. So with all tangible fruits, just make sure you never touch the outside but inside it is a little tricky with oranges, but there you have it.

For the same reason, you should not accept salads in restaurants, or a free glass of water that they give you with your meal. The salad was great, but the water it washed in could make you wish you were dead. At some restaurants specializing specifically for foreigners, they can tell you they have & # 39; filtered water & # 39; which would be fine for you, so this is not a blanket rule, but a guide of the environment – if it & # 39; is a five star hotel, you have the right to eat anything, as it is all done for aliens to eat, but if you & # 39; are in a small passageway in the middle of nowhere and all patrons are local, play it safe or you could ruin your vacation. Never travel to India without comprehensive travel insurance, you do not want to find yourself really sick with no one to call.

Regarding getting Delhi stomach as the first tourist to India, here is a consensus. In fact, most people get sick during their first week if they eat at even the most prestigious restaurants on the site, safer if they eat out on the road or drink some milk or yogurt with the electricity supply being unstable (that's everywhere, by the way ). But with the dozens of repeat travelers I know personally, none of them have been ill at a later visit, except perhaps because of the cold here and there.

It's like your body just needs an Indian baptism, then you're fine. You could say it is baptized with both fire and water. But it's well worth it, since India has once gone under the skin, not to mention through your digestive system, you will never be the same.

And another thing about bananas – they can be fatal in more ways than one. Don't eat them in front of hungry monkeys in urban areas or you may have a nasty fight with your hands – did I mention travel insurance?