Instant Astral Travel – Myth or Reality?

Instant astral journeys are certainly possible with the help of modern technology. However, if you want to rely on yourself, you have a lot of work ahead before you can achieve it.

Many spacecraft students complain about falling asleep when they regularly do the relaxation, meditation and concentration required of them. Many of them give up precisely because of the tremendous willpower that needs to be awake and aware when relaxed. But, thanks to the magical beats, such students can go straight to the head.

Here is a simple explanation of binaural beats for you who have never heard of them. To understand how these beats work, you must first understand that everything in the world exists at certain frequencies. The senses are not sharp enough to reach this frequency. But modern physics has proved the existence of these frequencies beyond exhaustive doubt. Our mind, body, and consciousness vibrate at different frequencies as we travel.

Binaural beats serve to transform the listener's state of consciousness and put him or her in a state of mind that is favorable for instant astral travel.

You need headphones to listen to binaural beats. When you are listening, you simply have to lie back, relax and concentrate on the beats. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to leave your body. Soon you will be in a state of consciousness favorable to the zodiac. The result must be experienced OOBE!

When using binaural beats, you must remember that these are just tools that will help you gain access to astronomical states in your constellation chart. They can't even help you get instant horoscope. You need to combine listening to these songs with relaxation and meditation techniques.

To be very truthful, instant astral travel is not a myth. But ban all your desires for instant OOBE on your first attempt. You will be able to travel immediately out of your body at will only after you gain some expertise in the art of leaving your body.

Hard work and pursuit are thus the key to Astral travel. Binaural beats act as catalysts; but even with them you need to be consistent and practice. Astral projection is something that cannot be accelerated. The best option is to enjoy the experiments done on Astral travel rather than being stressed or upset because you have not been able to accomplish astral missions despite so many attempts.