What to look for when buying sofas to rent holiday homes


Holiday rental furniture needs to be durable to withstand the regular use of a wide range of tourists who may not care for your furniture just as well as you would like. Vacation rentals, by their nature, are occupied by a constant parade of temporary residents who use them as a base for family vacations, ski trips, weekends on the lake or corporate resorts in the mountains. While some renters take care of the furniture and treat temporary accommodation as if it were their home, many do not. Anyone who owns a temporary rental has either heard stories of debauched parties and garbage houses or experienced it for themselves.

Knowing that at least a few people who call your house rented are very likely to harass a weekend, week or month, it is necessary to invest in furniture that you will not have to change every time A messy group of friends have a little too much fun or a couple chocolate, crayons and fruit punch. This is especially true when buying a sofa, because you know that this piece of furniture will definitely be used every day and will bear the main accidents that can happen.

What to look for when buying a holiday resort

When buying sofa beds, keep in mind three main factors: They should be durable, washable and renewable. Other features that may not be switch switches, but are certainly nice to have, include storage space and the ability to separate and move to create different seating arrangements.

The demand for high-quality, durable sofas is given when buying furniture for rent. Poorly made furniture will not last and is not worth the money, even though the couch was incredibly cheap. If you have to replace a rental sofa every few months or even every few years, you don’t get the required value from the piece. Therefore, it is crucial to buy a sofa of solid construction from a reputable manufacturer.

It is also important to keep in mind that even the highest quality sofa can still be damaged by spills, cuts, poorly behaved pets and messy guests. This is where choosing a sofa made of fabric that can be washed from a company that offers replacement fabrics, pillows and pieces comes to the fore. Washable sofa fabrics are a must-have and allow you to easily wash all sofa fabrics at the end of the holiday season or when a guest soils the fabric during their stay. This alone can save you hundreds – or even thousands of dollars – while making it easier to keep your rental attractive and appealing to new guests.

Of course, you may have more than a spill to fight if your landlords managed to cut the fabric on the sofa, allowed their dog to chew on the pillow on the sofa, or somehow managed to break one of the pieces of wood on the arm or back of the sofa. If you bought the sofa from a company that does not offer replacement parts or fabrics, it would mean expensive repairs or the need to replace the sofa completely. But if you bought a sofa from a company that allows you to easily order one replacement pillow, new pieces of fabric or new pieces of wood, then your sofa can look cheap and affordable like new. This type of renewable is an important part of achieving the best value when furnishing rental properties.

Other things you should consider when buying a sofa

In addition to these features that they must have, the sofas you choose for the properties you rent can also serve additional functions if the right sofa is chosen. For example, choosing a storage couch that offers storage space under each pillow is a great way to make room for extra bedding, pillows and towels without having to buy cabinets or cluttering shelves with these needs.

If your rental provides services to larger groups, you may also want to consider purchasing a sectional sofa that has multiple parts that can be grouped or separated to provide a variety of seating options. This will appeal to guests with different needs, such as companies that are resting, and is a great way to place plenty of seating in a small space.