Advertise a successful vacation home rental – find out how!


‘How can I successfully advertise my holiday home?’

To successfully advertise vacation homes on the Internet, you need to find a website that will work hard to promote your property. Many holiday home owners, who own property they don’t use part of the time, want to know how to advertise their vacation property to generate income and cover their expenses. As the economic recession continues, vacationers are discovering that they have less money in their vacation budget and are looking for ways to reduce vacation costs. These are the same people who want to rent holiday homes and you need to advertise your holiday property to see and book them directly with you.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a place to advertise my vacation home?

No commission

Find a site that charges a flat-rate annual fee to advertise your property and does not charge a commission when you let the property into possession.

Help create your ad

If you’re new to online advertising, does a website help you create a vacation rental ad? Some people find it quite daunting to produce a suitable text for ‘selling’ property to potential renters. You need to have as many photos of your fantastic property as possible and help to exude the charm of the local city, beautiful surroundings, etc., because many people when faced with a selection of similar properties for rent will choose the one that looks best. With this in mind, check how many photos you will be allowed on your ad – around 20 is a good average number. Make sure some websites offer you 4 and charge others extra.

Make sure the site you choose has a good “Google” ranking

We’ve all used the ‘Google’ search engine when we want to search for something or find a website on a particular topic. When you get search results, most people just look at the first page – the “fact” – so it’s important that the site you choose has a good “Google” ranking. This means that if someone were to type in a search term like “Holiday in a Spanish Villa,” “Google” would search for websites that it considered useful and reliable to provide information about that search term. If the site you choose to advertise your vacation home has a good “Google” ranking list, it is more likely that the website will appear on the first page of results and more people will visit the page and see your vacation rental rental!

Does the website ‘search engine optimize’ your holiday rental ad?

Try to find a vacation home advertising site that will “search engine optimize” your individual ad, not just the entire website. This means that it will ensure that there are some key phrases in your ad. They should be strategically placed to meet the “Google search algorithms”, which in turn means that tourists will rest on the ads for your holiday homes directly, without seeing any of your competitors on the rest of the website and may book immediately.

Take advantage of ‘social networking sites’

You may be new to the concept of social networking on the Internet, but this is a very good way to get your property out there. Websites like “Facebook” and “Twitter” can be very useful if you want to advertise vacation homes. The links you can place to these sites can lead directly to your ad. One site that specifically advertises rental properties from the owner will directly actually set up real estate accounts with ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ and will explain how it works by sending you a ‘step by step how to sell your property directly on holiday public disclosure’ . This is so useful if you are a bit of a ‘technophobe’!

There are several good holiday rental websites, but only one we know of provides this type of support. However, it is worth comparing what different websites offer for money, so you will get the most profitable offer in these times without money!