Eating in Medellin and how it affects whether you stay in a hotel or rent accommodation


Enjoying local cuisine is often one of the most interesting parts of a vacation. If you travel to Medellin, Colombia, you will find that there is a wide range of different restaurants serving international cuisine, as well as a multitude of places where you can try some of the local dishes, such as sancocha, mondong and bande paise. Zona Rosa is one of the best parts of the city to eat, but there are good restaurants in Medellin.

Your eating options while in Medellin will depend on whether you decide to stay in a holiday apartment or in a hotel. Whether staying in Medellin apartments or in a hotel, you will be able to dine in the many excellent caf├ęs and restaurants in the city.

Staying in an apartment will allow you to choose between cooking for yourself and going out for a meal. The ability to prepare your own meals will allow you to save money and eat whatever you want, whenever you want, without having to find a table in a restaurant. You will also be able to prepare lunch for a picnic if you go out on that day. Self-feeding will be a particularly good choice if you have special nutritional needs or if you are traveling with children who may be less willing to try new foods while on vacation. Self-catering facilities also make it easier to prepare a bottle of formula if you are traveling with your baby. If you are going to cook for yourself, you will have to make an effort and for that you will buy the food you need in the markets and shops in Medellin. There are many supermarkets, small grocery stores and markets. Pamona and Exito are the two main chains. Medellin is a particularly good place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Most stores have an interesting selection of exotic fruits.

If you decide to stay at the hotel, in addition to the many dining options in the city, you can also have a mini bar full of expensive snacks, room service and the hotel restaurant. You will probably spend a lot more on food than if you prepared it yourself, and your choice will be limited to what is on the menu.