Creating a kitchen in Sayulita on the Nayarit Riviera, Mexico


What pulls us back about Sayulit on the Nayarit Riviera in Mexico? Located north of Puerto Vallarte, the world is away from a “typical” tourist destination.

Is it because it’s a sleepy little fishing village with a relaxed surf vibe that satisfies our inner child that he can only freely explore the ocean, beach, and Mexican culture of years past?

Is it a village that defies the temptation of over-commercialization, which in turn would destroy the warmth and charm of the hidden gem?

Is it a sandy shore with a long, gentle break to surf warm, clear water?

We believe all of the above and that “Sayulita Good Vibes” is a real state of mind that all visitors experience … and constantly pulls us back.

Establish a base camp

This article focuses on eating … simple and easy … since most of everything you eat here is fresh, local and reasonably priced.

Sayulita is an Epicurean delight with exceptional dining options from “street food” to full gourmet restaurants.

We usually choose a roadless trip and find holiday homes that boast a well-equipped chef’s kitchen.

Again Sayulita Life ( becomes a site to go. They represent over 400 vacation rental options and we usually find the “perfect” place.

We love to cook and on this trip we lured two more couples with like-minded people to join us. Finding a place to share three pairs also leads to price points for more expensive real estate in a much more reasonable price range.

Cornucopy of fresh ingredients

Sayulita and other surrounding villages have organized and scheduled a host of fresh-air agricultural markets that highlight organic opportunities, offering local fruits and vegetables.

One of our favorite markets was a short drive south of Sayulite at the La Cruz Marina fish market in Banderas Bay, where you can buy freshly caught fish, shrimp, lobsters, oysters and other seafood at a variety of prices.

Fish markets have been the main generation in Banderas Bay for generations, in fact many restaurants, personal chefs and caterers in the area buy their seafood every day.

In addition, there are handmade items on the Sunday market from both local and indigenous tribes in the area … each vendor can only sell what they have personally made … now it is a local pride.

Eat IN … Possibility of a personal chef

For a special treat, we hired three professional chefs on three different evenings to share their talent and honor us with their regional cooking from their heritage.

Justifying the decision to hire a personal chef for three couples who like to cook on their own was not difficult given the alternatives.

Imagine dining in the comfort of your holiday apartment, and all you have to do is enjoy a cooking demonstration (if you want), enjoy a refreshing drink and envision a fabulous kitchen that is made specifically for you and your taste preferences.

No buying ingredients, no preparation, no coating, and best of all … no cleaning. Everything takes place like magic … and less than the cost of a similar meal at an outdoor restaurant.

You owe it to yourself to try it at least once for a special date or event, and besides, you’re all on vacation … so create a keepsake!

Here are three unique chefs with their style and specialties … all waiting for your invitation.

Cook Laura

Laura was introduced to us as a hostess at “Villa Sol Blau” and they told her that she is an excellent cook who has prepared meals for many guests.

We found that Laura uses family recipes that match local fresh ingredients and treats her food patrons like a “family” while enjoying the warmth and grace of her heritage … we enjoyed a traditional meal and Laura’s charming personality … ” was in the kitchen!

Laura prepared an authentic regional meal consisting of green Chilean enchiladas and traditional slow-cooked black beans, accompanied by Chilean Rellen with plaid sauce and Mexican rice, all based on a family recipe. Her Flan dessert was of course homemade and was tender and creamy.

Chef Sofia Silva Sanchez

We “found” Chef Sofia on the Sayulita Life website, and she also has her own website ( After reading the dazzling reviews, as well as its extensive menu options, we arranged for dinner.

Sofia is a lively, effervescent and very likeable person, and as a chef her wide range of culinary skills extends from traditional Mexican cuisine to menus offering Italian, Indian, Moroccan, vegetarian and vegan options.

Her excellent reputation as a dessert is definitely underestimated!

The meal started with cups of cucumbers stuffed with shrimp ceviche, and after that

salad of organic greens topped with chipot topping. The main course consisted of tender pieces of roasted chicken in a sauce of poblano with Mexican rice, and her dessert was a homemade lime pie topped with strawberries and mint.

Chef Daniel Murillo

Chef Daniel is a top professional and he does his cooking with a flair … he literally lights up the room! Can you say … Flambe!

Daniel owns the Mexotix restaurant in the neighboring town of San Pancho, which is a short drive north of Sayulite. He offers catering and cooking services in Sayulita, and we have enjoyed his exceptional “Mexican-Fusion with an Asian twist” style on numerous occasions. (

Chef Daniel is collaborating with his chef Juan on creating amazing food. He started with fried tuna with sesame peel, served over toast with cucumber noodles and alfalfa sprouts, dressed in balsamic reduction.

It is followed by handmade Empanadas stuffed with shrimp stewed in citrus Mexican salsa and melted panel cheese.

With a little flash and fire, Daniel sauteed the octopus in orange reduction with hibiscus and chips served with grilled coconut vegetables … tender and delicious.

YOU ARE IN … Prepare for lunch

Three couples established a friendly competition and there was a game for three nights! But our first stop was a trip to the La Cruz fish market, followed by a visit to various city markets and another stop at the excellent fish market just across the bridge into town.

We started with this challenge: Jumbo blue shrimp were cooked in three ways.

One team prepared Seared Mahi-Mahi with organic greens and avocados.

One team grilled two very large lobsters with lots of melted butter on the side.

One team grilled two steaks of yellow beet tuna from sushi, about two pounds.

We all showed off our cooking skills, tasted exceptional wines from Chile and Mexico, and most of all enjoyed the experience.


Creating a village kitchen with a staff of personal chefs, fresh seafood, organic farmers markets and local vendors offering all the ingredients you need for an unforgettable gastronomic experience … all located in a semi-tropical locality … is simply very special.

“Sayulita Good Vibes” is really a state of mind experienced by all visitors … and we are constantly withdrawn!

Viva Mexico … Viva Sayulita!

Finally, what’s the hurry … get inspired …

© 2017 Inspired travel itineraries with Bob and Janice Kollar



How to estimate the rental of cottages and use the summer vacation in the best possible way


Spending a week or two on the lake in a cottage for rent or in a fishing resort that has cottages can provide you with a fun and unforgettable vacation. It is not easy to estimate which rental huts have the right combination of location, facilities and equipment for your group.

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is whether you prefer to watch private cottages for rent or you prefer to watch fishing and holiday resorts. Private cottages have some benefits that may be desirable, depending on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a quiet secluded place or want really extravagant accommodation, private cottages for rent will be a good choice for you. Unfortunately, private rental cottages do not offer many other features that will really make the difference between a good and a great vacation.

Fishing resorts have a number of advantages over private cottages for rent. They usually offer a much wider range of equipment and facilities. Some of the most important are boat rental, playground and convenient fishing. If you want to have a boat to use during your vacation, fishing resorts generally have boats available. They mainly offer life jackets and offer basic training for safety reasons and boat operation.

If you rent a private cottage, they will almost never have a playground. For families with children, it is necessary to have a playground on site, preferably near the cottages. It is important that they offer a good selection of playground equipment, which usually consists of swings, slides and climbing devices. It’s a huge bonus if they have extra items like a merry circle or playrooms.

Finding a cottage to rent on a suitable fishing lake can also be an important factor for many people. Family outings can often be the best part of a vacation for both children and adults. There are many lakes in Ontario that offer great fishing, but there are many others that are better for sailing and are not good fishing lakes. There are many reasons why this could be the case, but if you want to make fishing a part of your summer vacation, you need to ensure that the lake you choose has quality and sustainable fishing.

There are a number of other factors that can also be important when choosing a location. A fireplace, water accessories such as water trampolines and a screen on the decks can all make it to your total enjoyment.

By gathering as much information as possible about each potential weekend resort, you can properly assess their strengths and weaknesses and make an informed decision.



Apartments in Destin are the best offer


There are good reasons why Destin is in the first place as one of the destinations that tourists can visit with a limited budget. From the availability of many wonderful things you can do in Destin, which cost little or no money and are paid as a service fee and apartments in Destin that match the best prices for all types of tourists, Destin Florida is a place of escape that offers you the perfect combination beach activities and a pleasant environment that provides you and your family with ideal relaxation. As one of the most desirable vacation destinations in the U.S., families and individuals love Destin’s long stretch of sugary white sand on the beach, emerald crystal clear seawater and temperate weather that represents all day in spring and fall make the Florida Panhandle a very good place for year-round cool rest.

Places to visit in Destin: Once in Destin, fun and excitement seekers can visit places like Velika Kahuna located in the heart of the city and adventure and water park that has something exciting and fun for every category of tourists regardless of age group. The park is known for seventeen rides in the water park, adventure parks and a golf course with tropical themes. Tourists who love shopping will not like to miss the opportunity offered by Destin commons, an outdoor shopping arcade located in the east of the city, as well as the Silver Sands Outlet Mail which prides itself as the center of the largest design branch.

If you’re a fan of artwork, you’d like to check out a showcase of local artists at Destin Harborwalk, which is also a place where you can take some time and dine at one of the available restaurants with a realistic price. .

How to get great and comfortable accommodation: Getting great and comfortable accommodation during your holiday in Destin is so easy even if you travel within your budget. If you decide to skip the traditional hotel rooms and settle for spacious apartments for rent in Destin, you will save a few dollars and enjoy a great holiday in a more economical yet comfortable holiday home. You can choose from a variety of beachfront destination suites that offer spacious rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, TV in every room, DVD players, wireless internet and much more comfort you will find in these destination suites than that hotel room that can be compared features can provide , and yet they have reasonable prices.

If you are preparing your next vacation getaway at Destin beaches, make sure to do your online research to find the right and best apartments in Destin for your budget. Apartments in Destin are usually the best form of accommodation that will provide you with the most comfortable and amazing vacation experience. However, you can find the best offers for renting an apartment if you make a reservation earlier and plan a vacation for the off-season.



The truth behind all-inclusive resorts on the Mayan Riviera – what you need to know


The Riviera Maya is one of the hottest vacation spots (not intended for word play) and accounts for 40% of tourist dollars in Mexico. All-inclusive resorts set the shores of the Mayan Riviera to facilitate a massive number of visitors, and these tourists often feel safe staying at a resort in a foreign country like Mexico. But when determining if an all-inclusive resort is right for you, you should consider some little-known facts about such resorts, regarding eating at better restaurants, the type of alcohol you consume, and touring outside the resort when you want to venture out of the property. The aim of this article will be to show you a few difficulties during your stay at the all-inclusive resort and what other options you have on the Mayan Riviera.

If you want more than just buffet food during your stay at the resort, keep in mind that many Riviera Maya resorts have distracting properties so that it is not too easy to eat in their better seating restaurants. Often the resort will ask you for a reservation if you want to eat at a seated restaurant. While this may seem reasonable at first glance, it is actually designed to discourage tourists from eating at better restaurants. First, the resort may often require you to make such reservations the day before. So, at the very least, if your resort requires it, you won’t be able to eat at a sedentary restaurant the first day of your stay!

They may be able to book such restaurants only during certain hours in the morning, which further limits when you can secure a meal at one of their better restaurants. If you slept late the night before or booked a tour outside the resort in the morning, this can be a very inconvenient time. And then the resort will ask you to wait in line for the doorman to make a reservation. It’s just one line, and due to limited booking time the line is often long and requires a long wait, which you might not want to do on vacation. It’s even more frustrating when in the evening, if you stop by one of the restaurants, you may notice that a particular restaurant has a lot of open tables, but won’t let you eat at the restaurant without a reservation. So, when you are researching a stay at any Riviera Maya resort, consider contacting that resort and requesting their dinner reservation policy.

Another concern if you are considering staying at an all-inclusive resort on the Mayan Riviera is the quality of their alcohol. Some resorts will advertise that they serve certain premium alcohol. But keep in mind that some resorts, even though they advertise serving alcohol on the highest shelf, can only offer such alcohol in certain bars. These bars may not always be accessible or easy to reach. So, if alcohol is most important to you, contact the resort before making a reservation to determine if they provide such alcohol in all of their bars or just a select few and how easily these bars are available. A great tool is the Riviera Maya EZ-Locator that will allow you to rent holiday homes instead of owning resorts and locate only those villas or apartments that meet certain requirements, such as whether the restaurants are within walking distance or if the top shelf is alcohol you can get in his holiday apartment on the Maya Riviera.

After all, many tourists don’t realize that Riviera Maya resorts want to keep tourists on the property by spending money at the resort. The resort knows that tourists are locked up, so to speak, so it charges a premium for many services. Tours to explore the Maya Riviera outside the resort are another way resorts like to charge premium prices. For example, in one resort I know a resort charges $ 100 per person for a tour of a nearby ruin. And this is in a crowded bus with other tourists. Now if you want to stay with such a group and not dare to be alone, then this may be for you. But one can simply snatch a private taxi outside the resort, pay $ 25 for a one-way trip to the ruins, and pay $ 5 for entry. The cruise is $ 55 and you get the privacy of your own taxi, you can explore the ruins at your leisure and you didn’t have to wait in line at the resort to book a tour. Consider relaxing outside the resort for better tour offers or explore the Riviera Maya by taxi or rental car.

So you can see that a comprehensive resort can offer barriers to enjoyment, at leisure, in terms of access and digging prices. If the resort seems too restrictive, an alternative option is to stay in holiday apartments on the Maya Riviera, such as villas (holiday homes) or apartments. All-inclusive resorts can provide a worry-free vacation on the Riviera Maya, but renting an apartment by the owner can be a great option that gives you more freedom, choice and value to explore the Riviera Maya at your leisure.



A resort on Lake Hubbard in Michigan


Make Lake Hubbard Michigan your next vacation. The lakes offer tourists calm waters for sailing, fishing, canoeing and many other summer water sports. Whatever the season, the lake vacation landscape is one of the best family getaways at a price. There are many hotels around the picturesque lake. Romantic couples retreating to Lake Hubbard in Michigan should be considered as a way to encourage or rekindle a fire in your relationship. Many have chosen a wedding on this amazing lake.

Located in the Northern Alcona County, Michigan on the lower peninsula, Lake Hubbard covers 8,850 acres and is one of the largest natural lakes in the state. The streams that enter the lake are:

o West Branch River


oHolcomb Creek

Your choice of accommodation on Lake Hubbard is to rent accommodation, cottages, resorts or hotels. For those who like the rough, Ossineke State Camp is just 20 km from Lake Hubbard. You will find a boat dock in most cottages for your boating or canoeing pleasures. Although gas prices are high, airline tickets have not only seen a reduction in aircraft, but also an increase in airline ticket prices. Driving a car or renting a private vehicle can be a more economical way to travel. Places for access to boats with parking for trailers are:

oEastern Bay along the northeast coast (state-owned)

o West Branch River on the Southeast Bank (state-owned)

o North Bay along the northwest coast (owned by the city)

Agape ‘on the bay, the new boarding house (boarding house) is the dream of nature lovers. With accommodation for 150 guests and huge banquet facilities, Agape ‘is a short journey from Lake Hubbard 11 miles away. During the spring and summer months, there are numerous parties on the lake and surrounding places where tourists are often welcome.

There are many reasonable fishing charters due to which speculation does not lead to finding a place where fish bite. Passionate and novice anglers will take advantage of the many boat rental services in the area. Winter on Lake Hubbard gives ice fishing enthusiasts a chance to test their patience and settle into the cold elements. Lake Hubbard is stocked with:


o Yellow perch

oRock Bass

oLittle bass for the mouth

oBrown trout

oRainbow trout

The Churchill Point Inn is a favorite among tourists; this historic inn on a lake from the 1920s offers its guests one of the most beautiful accommodations in nature. Whether you’re looking for home-style meals, breakfast lunch or dinner, Millie’s Home Cookin has a family atmosphere, service and meal selection for your palette.

You can play golf at White Pine Resort, bike, hike or snowboard at Chippewa Hills and in the Reid Lake Foot tourist area. Other golf courses within 30 km are:

oAlpena Golf Club

oSpringport Hills Golf Course

oGreenbush Golf Course

oRose Golf Course

Airports near Lake Hubbard are:

oAlpena (APN)

oOscoda Wurtsmith (OSC)

o Western branch (Y31)

oOtsego County (GLR)

When you are looking for the perfect vacation, plan your trip to Michigan today.



Tips for Cheap Travel Deals – Ways to Find Cheap Prices for Airline Tickets, Car Rentals, and Vacation Packages


The Internet has made it easier to find affordable travel deals. Today, anyone can do that – there is no need to hire a travel agent. Whether you’re looking for deals for a particular trip or just want to wait until a good vacation package pops up before you jump on it, the web offers you all the tools you need to do so.

The best deals usually don’t last long, so you’ll need to jump into the offer as soon as possible. Sometimes the best deals are last-minute deals, and other times it is advisable to book in advance. Most experts agree that it is ideal to book 7 – 8 weeks in advance.

When looking for cheap hotel rooms, keep in mind that you should never, ever choose the first good deal you see in a city you are unfamiliar with. While you’ll want to access the deals quickly, you still need to take the time to explore the hotels and locations. If a budget hotel isn’t close to all of the city’s main attractions, you can end up paying more to rent a car or take a taxi. Does the hotel you are considering offer the facilities you need, as well as a free breakfast? Is it close to cheap restaurants?

Subscribe to travel discount newsletters and follow the leading travel websites on social media so you can stay up to date with all the great travel deals. If you haven’t already done so, download some apps to your smartphone to receive alerts. These services are free.

As for plane tickets, sometimes it is cheaper to simply buy a ticket with a hotel reservation. When airlines and hotels come together, good discounts are often available. However, you may need to fly from a specific airport and stay at a hotel for a minimum number of nights.

Selection of cars according to favorable tourist offers

If you are going to rent a car, choose a vehicle that is on your budget and show up at the office to pick it up brightly and early in the morning. If you manage to beat the crowd, you’ll probably get a free upgrade option!

Another way to potentially save on your upcoming trip is to consider renting a vacation. Sometimes it is much cheaper to rent an apartment or flat for a week, instead of staying in a hotel. Discount travel sites now have a section dedicated to these types of rentals. Just make sure it is located in a safe part of town.

There are always great travel deals out there – you just need to be patient and know where to look!

The website is the place to search for all the above mentioned travel search tools. Whether you want to go on a nice cruise or a big, exciting city, through this site you can compare affordable travel deals. Take the time to look at online coupon offers as well.



What to look for when buying sofas to rent holiday homes


Holiday rental furniture needs to be durable to withstand the regular use of a wide range of tourists who may not care for your furniture just as well as you would like. Vacation rentals, by their nature, are occupied by a constant parade of temporary residents who use them as a base for family vacations, ski trips, weekends on the lake or corporate resorts in the mountains. While some renters take care of the furniture and treat temporary accommodation as if it were their home, many do not. Anyone who owns a temporary rental has either heard stories of debauched parties and garbage houses or experienced it for themselves.

Knowing that at least a few people who call your house rented are very likely to harass a weekend, week or month, it is necessary to invest in furniture that you will not have to change every time A messy group of friends have a little too much fun or a couple chocolate, crayons and fruit punch. This is especially true when buying a sofa, because you know that this piece of furniture will definitely be used every day and will bear the main accidents that can happen.

What to look for when buying a holiday resort

When buying sofa beds, keep in mind three main factors: They should be durable, washable and renewable. Other features that may not be switch switches, but are certainly nice to have, include storage space and the ability to separate and move to create different seating arrangements.

The demand for high-quality, durable sofas is given when buying furniture for rent. Poorly made furniture will not last and is not worth the money, even though the couch was incredibly cheap. If you have to replace a rental sofa every few months or even every few years, you don’t get the required value from the piece. Therefore, it is crucial to buy a sofa of solid construction from a reputable manufacturer.

It is also important to keep in mind that even the highest quality sofa can still be damaged by spills, cuts, poorly behaved pets and messy guests. This is where choosing a sofa made of fabric that can be washed from a company that offers replacement fabrics, pillows and pieces comes to the fore. Washable sofa fabrics are a must-have and allow you to easily wash all sofa fabrics at the end of the holiday season or when a guest soils the fabric during their stay. This alone can save you hundreds – or even thousands of dollars – while making it easier to keep your rental attractive and appealing to new guests.

Of course, you may have more than a spill to fight if your landlords managed to cut the fabric on the sofa, allowed their dog to chew on the pillow on the sofa, or somehow managed to break one of the pieces of wood on the arm or back of the sofa. If you bought the sofa from a company that does not offer replacement parts or fabrics, it would mean expensive repairs or the need to replace the sofa completely. But if you bought a sofa from a company that allows you to easily order one replacement pillow, new pieces of fabric or new pieces of wood, then your sofa can look cheap and affordable like new. This type of renewable is an important part of achieving the best value when furnishing rental properties.

Other things you should consider when buying a sofa

In addition to these features that they must have, the sofas you choose for the properties you rent can also serve additional functions if the right sofa is chosen. For example, choosing a storage couch that offers storage space under each pillow is a great way to make room for extra bedding, pillows and towels without having to buy cabinets or cluttering shelves with these needs.

If your rental provides services to larger groups, you may also want to consider purchasing a sectional sofa that has multiple parts that can be grouped or separated to provide a variety of seating options. This will appeal to guests with different needs, such as companies that are resting, and is a great way to place plenty of seating in a small space.



7 Great Reasons To Buy A Vacation Home In Hawaii


Have you ever considered buying a vacation home? If this is the case, you may have thought of places to relax nearby where you could easily go on a long weekend or spend the whole summer. And while this isn’t a bad idea, a much better idea is to buy a vacation home in Hawaii! You probably think this is not an option because it would cost too much money, Hawaii is too far away and other similar excuses. However, buying a vacation home in Hawaii has significant benefits that you should consider because Hawaii is probably your first destination for a vacation home if there were no other reasons like money. Consider the following tips and you’ll probably click links to properties in Hawaii to find your new vacation home!

The reason for a vacation home in Hawaii is # 1 Amazing Vacations

When you buy a vacation home in Hawaii, you will have amazing vacations every time you visit the island. In addition, there are many islands that make up Hawaii, so you can explore regularly and never have the same vacation twice. Not to mention the sun that shines in Hawaii almost all year round, so you won’t have to worry about rain affecting your vacation. Every time you head to Hawaii, you will surely enjoy new experiences, meet new people and truly enjoy the exotic islands.

Reason for a Hawaii Vacation Home # 2 Extra Income

Buying a vacation home in Hawaii probably seems like the best way to spend money as quickly as possible, not the best way to generate extra income, but when you invest in a vacation home in Hawaii, you will really have the opportunity to make a substantial income. The reason is that you can easily rent a holiday home when you are not using it. Hawaii is a hot vacation destination for individuals around the world, so finding those interested in renting your home will not be difficult at all. In addition, individuals pay high prices for renting a Hawaiian vacation home for their vacation, and you will benefit significantly from it. All you need to do is list your Hawaiian vacation home with various Hawaiian vacation home rental sites, and not only will you enjoy your Hawaiian vacation home, but you will be able to share it with others.

Reason for Vacation in Hawaii # 3 Vacation Free

Not only will you be able to make money from your Hawaiian vacation accommodation, but it will also be more than enough to cover your monthly mortgage payment that is so long that you rent a home when it is not in use by you. As a result, you will be able to enjoy your vacation home in Hawaii whenever you want, basically for free, because the rental money will cover the main costs of this purchase.

Reason for Hawaiian Vacation Homes no. 4, frequent flying miles

You might be worried about the price of plane tickets and need to buy it every time you want to head to your Hawaiian home. However, the more you travel, the more miles you receive and you will be able to enjoy free tickets from time to time. This makes traveling to your vacation home easier and more affordable.

Reason for Vacation in Hawaii # 5 Escape

When you have a vacation home in Hawaii, run away from your regular life and the daily activities you have to deal with. Even if you had a vacation home nearby, you still wouldn’t run away from your real life due to the very fact that it’s so close. In fact, many individuals who buy vacation homes near their permanent homes never actually get away with it because they don’t have to plan for it. A holiday home in Hawaii must plan your vacation and then you will surely escape and enjoy all the wonders of the island.

Reason for Vacation in Hawaii # 6 Amazing Property

When looking for vacation homes, you are likely to find high priced homes that are actually nothing special. However, in Hawaii you will find amazing pieces of real estate that reflect asking prices. Not to mention that you can buy real estate on the sea if your heart desires, or even more inland. No matter how the islands are surrounded by the beautiful Pacific, no matter where you buy a property in Hawaii, you will not be too far from the beach.

Reason for Vacation in Hawaii # 7 Sunsets

Sunsets alone are reason enough to choose to buy a vacation home in Hawaii. Something about the sunset in Hawaii seems to you to be the only place on earth and it is so beautiful that your worries, worries and stresses will be forgotten during the magnificent and colorful streaks of the sky as the sun sets.

While these are amazing reasons why you would buy a vacation home in Hawaii, there are thousands more reasons just waiting for you to discover them on the islands. Go ahead and start looking at real estate listings in Hawaii today and make an investment that will come in handy both financially and in business!



Holiday rentals compared to hotels, which is better?


When planning a vacation, it may automatically occur to you to take your family (or just yourself) and check into a large hotel. With so many airplane + hotel + car packages, you can easily get into that thinking frame. And in the long run so often you can get the best vacation deals. However, there are other accommodation options you might want to explore.

For example, holiday homes offer a number of benefits that most hotels do not have. Usually owned by ordinary people (renting a vacation home means helping companies “mom and pop” instead of a large corporate-owned hotel), vacation homes usually give you full kitchens and more bedrooms. They are available wherever you would like to stay. You can find condominiums or houses (with detached houses you get the maximum in privacy for your holiday) in any part of the world.

If you prefer to be surrounded by noise, in the middle of the action you can find houses for rent (perhaps an apartment in Las Vegas or a cabin with the convenience of skiing on a ski pass), but you can also find houses for rent that satisfy peace and quiet. Many of these homes are away from busy streets and roads dominated by hotels (instead of an apartment near a vegas casino, you might prefer a house a few blocks away with a fenced yard and a private pool).

What about families traveling with pets? Is it more likely that a hotel or holiday accommodation will accommodate them? Well, I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen too many hotels that appreciate even well-behaved dogs rolling through the lobby (even on a leash). On the other hand, renting a vacation is often the right way for pet owners, because many will accept dogs and cats (with an additional deposit). Be sure to check the pet rules in advance, as each owner sets their own rules.

The last thing I want to mention is the overall ambiance of the holiday homes compared to the hotels. With hotels (especially large chains) you get … almost the same thing no matter what part of the world you visit. This may be good for those who don’t like change, but if you want to stay somewhere that embraces the culture of the local area, you’ll be more likely to find it in holiday apartments. Many homeowners stay on their properties for a few weeks a year, so homes often feel like homes. They are more comfortable and kind than the cleanliness of most hotel rooms.

In order not to think that I have a plan to promote the rental of hotels (unfortunately, I do not own one or the other), I must admit that there are several disadvantages of renting a vacation home. First, finding the right place may involve more research online than simply booking through a website that offers travel arrangements. Second, because vacation homes are usually private businesses, this can be affected or missed with the service. Not all tenant owners own their own websites and owners will need some time to contact you if they are not using a management company. Third, most vacation homes do not come with a household. The rooms will be clean when you arrive (in fact, you will often be charged a cleaning fee), but don’t expect someone to come in and change your sheets every day. Lastly, renting is usually more expensive than a hotel. You usually get more square meters for your money (more bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, separate living and dining rooms, etc.), but you pay for it. That’s why renting is popular with family and friends who can share the costs.

As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages for both hotels and vacations. I myself am a big fan of renting (among other reasons listed here, I really like to support “mom and pop” jobs instead of impersonal hotel chains), but each one has its advantages, depending on your preferences. Be sure to look around before deciding where you want to spend your vacation.



Caribbean Travel Agent


For the best professional advice on Caribbean travel, you need professionals who will do the work for you. Caribbean travel agents are exactly the kind of people you are looking for. They know everything that matters when traveling to the Caribbean, from hotel reservations to plane tickets and a million and one fun activities in the sun, sand and surfing world of the Caribbean. So check out our list below for the best Caribbean travel agents in the business:

Since 1998, has been sending tourists to the islands by Caribbean travel agents. For the ultimate convenience, they offer you online booking of all types of vacations whether you want to book them yourself or book one of their travel agencies from the Caribbean. offers “last minute” holiday deals in the Caribbean, so if you want to save up to 60% on your next vacation, book here. All last minute plans are designed to fit your budget, including even return plane tickets, hotels and taxes.

But if you’ve already chosen where you want to stay in the Caribbean, why not tailor your own vacation to get the most complete package you can have? Their Caribbean travel agents will help you choose the packages that offer the best deals, with return airline tickets, hotels and taxes, as well as hotel transfers to specific islands.

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