The most popular package of the Golden Triangle tour to discover amazing India


The Golden Triangle of India is a tour of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Delhi, the capital of India, is where your tour begins. Here you will be able to visit various historical and cultural sites. Indian gold is a favorite of history lovers. You can follow the entire history of India by taking a tour package for the Golden Triangle. Agra is a bustling city that is home to the Taj Mahal which is a monument of love. An English-speaking guide will accompany you around.

The Tour

If you’re wondering what’s all involved in the golden tours, check out all the details here. The package will start with your arrival at Delhi International Airport where you will be taken to a hotel to relax and make up. Delhi has many historical sites that you will love to explore such as the Red Fort and the Mazjid Cave. The Indian Golden Triangle will take you deep into the historical significance of every tomb, monument and building. Among the high ascents in Delhi, step into the small strips of chandni chowka where you will be enchanted by the scents and places there. Eat at local shops and shop at the picturesque markets there. Don’t forget to travel to Raj Bhawn and Birla Mandir to get an idea of ​​the current cultural and political India.

Jaipur and Agra

On the way to Jaipur, a stop in Agra is a must. A tour of the Golden Triangle allows you to visit this busy city and the famous Taj Mahal, a historical monument. Visit Agra Fort to get a spectacular view of the Taj Mahal. The Indian Golden Triangle is not complete without ending the tour in Jaipur. The pink city of Jaipur is the epitome of Mughal history and dynasty. Here you will visit the city palace which was the royal residence of past emperors, as well as the Hawa mahal or wind palace. This structure has more than nine hundred windows in it. Upon returning to Delhi from Jaipur, stop by Neemran Palace where you can enjoy a cup of tea like royal members.

Online tourist offers

You will find yourself spoiled for online selection. Travel packages will not only be reasonable, but also easy to book. Be sure to find out all the details before you plan to book a gold tour. Insist on a list of hotels and cities you will visit, as well as daily plans. Prices are usually cheaper than the usual agent tours. It is even more important to choose a tour that you will enjoy with your family or spouse.