The charm of a Montana guy ranch


Before Montana officially became a state in 1879, they had already established a historical society. The Treasure State firmly understands the importance of preserving history. On the Montana Dude ranches, you can see that history in action.

After the Civil War, there was not enough beef in the north. Cowboys from Texas began to graze cattle to make their way north. Cattle ranches began to sprout, and cowboys became a fixture in Montana. Cowboys are still there and thriving, and you can watch them work, and even help out, on any of the many ranches in Montana.

Man’s ranches in Montana offer a feel for the Old West with as little or as much hassle as a traveler wants. There are “guest ranches” and “work ranches”, and boredom is never an option. Horseback riding, night trips, carriage rides, cattle rides and rodeos will definitely entertain. Some Montana dude ranches even offer a chance to go bear hunting! If that’s a little too much excitement, maybe throwing horseshoes and relaxing by the heated pool? However, if you want to spend your vacation, ranches from Montana can provide it for you.

Montana is rightly called the “Land of the Great Sky.” You can’t find a more vibrant environment for horse, fish or camp riding. Whichever way you look, there are stunning mountain views, wide open spaces and a blue sky that stretches forever. Look around you and imagine the land as Lewis and Clark once saw it. Then jump on the horse and see how Montana’s cowboys still do it.