Renting cottages in the interior – a well-kept secret of the holiday


Although most of us imagine summer houses sitting right on the waterfront, the possibilities of summer houses in the interior are not only rich, but also much cheaper. Before you rent an expensive cottage on the coast, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a property on land.

More land, lower price

While waterfront properties offer access to the beach and water without the need to walk or drive to a water access point, they also do not offer the land and privacy that a landlocked property would offer for a fraction of the price.

Most properties on the waterfront are either alarmingly close to their neighbors or directly across the water from other properties. On the other hand, land assets are usually located on larger plots of land and, after that, provide more privacy.

He wants against needs

Do you rent a summer house because you spend your days swimming and canoeing around the lake in the evenings? Or do you rent a summer house so you can enjoy the woods, go hunting, have bonfires and barbecue evenings?

Before you decide to spend a week on a property on the coast, think about the difference between what you actually want from the property and what you and your family really need. If the answer is rest, relaxation, solitude and quality time together, you may no longer like the costs and worries of having a property on the waterfront.

Many families who rent a summer house to be close to relatives go to a property in the interior that is adjacent to or close to the land on the water of their family. This allows them to enjoy their summer home – even for a short time – being close to family and still retain access to water whenever they want.

Maintenance by the sea

With a direct water facade comes direct shore maintenance. This would really only be relevant if you are buying, not just renting. However, from the installation and maintenance of the pier, which may need to be taken every season, to reducing the cost of life jackets, water equipment and boat equipment, the properties on the waterfront have much more than water.

Parents should also think about safety, especially when looking at properties with deep water docks or fast-moving river currents.

Although the property on the waterfront is beautiful, renting a house for a summer vacation in the interior has many advantages. In addition to the obvious cost factor, there is maintenance, security, value for money and, of course, the real needs of your family. Before you pay for a vacation near the water, consider the benefits of going inland.