Scooters – How far can your scooter go on a charge?

Scooters are in the range they can reach depending on the type of scooter and brand. You have electric scooters and gasoline scooters from many companies. I'm going to talk about mileage and the use of Razor Electric Scooters. There are plenty of different options with Razor electric scooters, such as color speed, size, seating options, distance you can travel and more. In the Razor electric scooter line there are 3 main scooters and then variants of each. First you have the E100 series, then the E200 and E200S, finally E300 and E300S. All these scooters offer the wheels that you can ride on them. Some are better for beginners, others are better for those who want speed, and some are better for those who want comfort. Anyway, Razor is an electric scooter for just about anyone.

The E100 is the simplest of all razor electric scooters. It is the cheapest, lose weight, comes in two colors, but does not have a seat. The E100 is red and pink. It goes up to 10 mph and as far as the E100 mileage is good. You can travel anywhere from 5 to 10 miles on a single charge, often lasting up to 40 minutes driving time. Mileage and speed are going to change slightly depending on the operator's weight and driving style.

The E200 is another in the Razors electric scooter line. The E200 will only be better than the E100. First, it has the option of seating. It comes with E200S. So if you just want to sail around you can sit down or stand up, whichever is most convenient. E200 travels up to 13 km / h. And can travel up to 10 miles per charge. The E200 can take up to 45 minutes to charge.

The E300 is the best electric scooter in the Razor range. The E300 also has a seat option in the E300S. The E300 is the fastest and best. It can travel more 10 miles and up to 15 mph and more, with a few wheels, on a charge. You can ride this scooter for almost an hour on a charge. Traveling at 15 km / h on a scooter is quite fast. Even if it doesn't seem so fast, if you get the wind blowing in your face and feet near the ground, you could only keep the gas supply.

The Electric Razor Scooter line is at the top of the line and has options for everyone. If you are young or a beginner, start with E100 or E200. If you are looking for speed and distance, the E300 is for you. If you would rather have the comfort and ability to sit down then the E200S or E300S are right for you. Whatever the case may be, these scooters are bombs to ride.

5 Important Tips for Traveling in Morocco

One of the most common comments about Morocco is that people are extremely lovable. This is absolutely true! Generosity is the substance of the nation, and you will find it everywhere, from the poorest villages to the wealthiest fences.

# 1 Do your research! Find out which areas of Morocco are interesting and what activities you might want to participate in. The geography of Morocco is very similar to California and offers wine tasting, surfing, horseback riding, hiking and much more. It, of course, in addition to traveling to the Sahara desert and meeting the pastoralists who have lived there for thousands of years. Work out your interests and plan your trip around them.

# 2 If you want to secure a great experience and have a budget, hire a driver / tour guide who will drive you all over Morocco and make sure you are all right all the time. These drivers / guides are crowded and uniquely accommodating and it is well worth pursuing their services. Vehicle sizes range from sedans to minivans and allow you much more freedom on your travels and also provide you with a safety net by having a native "family member". (More than likely, you will be invited home for dinner!)

# 3 The food is lovely in Morocco, mainly Arabic and Berber fare with French influences and the variety is stunning! The traditional Moroccan dish is called Tagine and is in almost infinite variations … beef with prunes, chicken and almonds, fish, goat, lamb and vegetables. Morocco's "fast food" for lunch or dinner is tagine and tagine shops are waiting for you everywhere. Tagine is also a special conical pottery where the meal is cooked. It's almost impossible to go wrong!

# 4 The water is not potable in Morocco, you will weaken if you consume ice cream (except in higher-end hotels), eat salads, or brush your teeth with water. The only option is bottled water and they do not have any BPA regulations in their plastic bottles, so the best idea is to buy a portable water filter to use while you are there. It's okay to eat fruit if you peel your skin – such as bananas, oranges, avocados, etc.

# 5 Be open to involuntary fun! Moroccans are dedicated to enjoying life to the full and there are ALWAYS festivals, celebrations and gatherings, so be open to changing your schedule for those untimely experiences.

In our experience, the only people with bad experience in Morocco are the people who get the Tourista – weak from drinking the water. Everyone else fears about the beauty, hospitality, diversity … and traveling home with happy, unforgettable memories of this alien land.

How having the right identification of dogs can help you better with your travels

No loving family wanted their dog lost while traveling. But dogs are like children and when they are unattended, unfortunate things can happen. Pets who have a proper understanding of themselves have a better chance of being found compared to those who do not.

Here are some tips to give your pet proper identification

Make sure your pet has your ID. As a basic identification, your dog should have a social security number around his neck. This is a temporary solution and can help identify your pet faster. Also, pet identification can be lost, especially when your dog moves around most of the time.

A permanent solution would be to put a microchip on your pet or tattoo information on your pet on its skin. Microchip serves as a permanent identification system and will always be with your pet. Each chip contains a separate identification number that can be read with a microchip scanner. It has all the data needed to bring the pet to its owner, so you don't forget to keep the microchip up.

Create a list of your dogs unique, identifying tags. When you are facing several dogs of the same breed, it will be difficult to tell which of your pets is each. Your pet's unique identification will prove that you are indeed the owner of the pet.

Recently posted photo. Although it is cute to keep a picture of your dog when he is only young, it does not work to identify them if he is lost. When you go on a trip, make sure you have the latest photo of your pet. Have it copied or faxed if necessary.

When your dog is missing

  1. As soon as you realize that your pet has disappeared, call the authorities and let them know that you are missing a pet. The sooner you call, the more likely your dog will be found right away.
  2. Ensure the necessary documentation to help identify your dog. The latest photo would be most helpful and it would be great if you recognized your pet's unique features.
  3. If you are smart enough to put a dog ID or have the cookie arrow on you, you will probably get a call. So do not forget to have the phone when searching for your dog.
  4. Bring some bait. Bring a toy, trimmings box or something your dog would love to hear. That, along with the tone of your voice, can tell your pet that everything is fine. Usually they come running when they hear a familiar sound.

How fast is your data traveling the Internet?

The speed of light is approximately 300,000 km per second. Did you know that electrons that use electricity also use very close to this speed. The information that travels on the internet also travels near this speed. The information or molded electrons travel somewhere around 60% of the light speed of most conductors.

WiFi signals, which travel mostly through the air, travel much closer to light speeds than electrons passing through copper wires. These signals can travel at the maximum recorded speed of light in a vacuum, which is approximately 185,000 miles per second.

Certain calculations show that electrons can pass through a conductor at 90% of the speed of light. Imagine how fast these particles could travel in a vacuum. To get them to travel faster, you need to spend much more energy. This is because the electron becomes much heavier as they reach light speeds. However, light travels 186,000 miles per second in space. The outer space is considered to be in a vacuum. So maybe light waves reduce friction. Your shades can prevent UV radiation. Indeed, many scientists believe that it takes certain types of radiation millions of years to escape the center of the sun after millions of nuclear reactions.

The speed of travel is very dependent on the medium it travels through. Consider that there are materials that light cannot pass through. Light can never pass through lead or various types of metal. The metaphors or waves, try to get into these materials. However, they only land on the outside and become kinetic. This means that they heat up the surface of these substances and spread to nothing. Maybe they will become potential energy. The law of thermodynamics would indicate this. The first law of thermodynamics is known as the law of conservation. These laws provide that content or isolated systems cannot be created or wasted. The second law of thermodynamics sets a notable format for the first layers. The second law stipulates that the chaos of any kind of content or isolated system always increases.

The speed of light is measured 186,000 miles per second. The distance information travels on the Internet is thousands of miles per second. In fact, the time it takes to get information is instant. Of course, there are various devices that slow down the process such as switching and various types of switches. But the process that slows down this method of information travel is how fast people make decisions and can send their ideas onto the Internet. Human ideas can make the internet a great way to change the world. But the Internet can also be a way to send bad ideas.

Best regards.

A retired, single caravan & # 39; is Tours

For about 30 years, I practiced law in Mesa, Arizona. (Please don't hold this against me. I wasn't really a good lawyer, really.) When I was about to turn 62 and collect Social Security, I decided to quit and retire. I already had Coleman camping and a small pickup truck. My marriage had gone to hell and I had a bad case to give way to. I decided that a few days or months on the road would be fun.

I loved it right away. I spent weeks and months together in camps around the Southwest. I fished in dozens of lakes and met dozens of people, most of whom were much finer individuals than
those I had associated with my exercises. I enjoyed them all but found that most were either married or seriously married. I was still in a married life. I wasn't really part of any social group. I missed sitting around the fire and telling lies to people with my own lifestyle. I loved the RVing lifestyle but missed the closer social life. So I discovered Loners on Wheels, Inc.

I don't know where I first heard of Loners on Wheels (LoWs) but somehow I was offered a camp sponsored by the Tucson chapter. I loved it! Here was a lot of tents, just
like me, to have the time of their lives. Playing games every night. Happy hour every night. Coffee together every morning. Hiking and fishing and do nothing. It was great! I participated

A few words about LoWs. This is a club consisting of thousands of individual camps. It has sections in every state and most of Canada's provinces. To be a LoW, you have to be a legal single and have a desire to socialize and camp with other single people. It is not a strategic service. If your sole purpose is to find a spouse, then you can do much better with Parents without a partner or any of many similar organizations. 3,000 members of this club organize camps at least once a month. We band together simply because we are not comfortable with the couple only the community we all come from. In this club we can enjoy wonderful social activities and
yet maintaining our happy lifestyle.

Many of our LoWs are retired. The way of life was made for us. Most of my family is working in their heart to try to get to where I am now! We still have loving family and friends "at home" but they simply do not have the time to give us the love and care we find in this club.

Come with me !!

Mexican Travel – Manzanillo – Gateway to Heaven

Manzanillo is located in Colima State. It is located in Bahia de Santiago (hopefully) and has one of the best climate in the world, the lowest crime rate in all of Mexico, world class fishing, whale watching, bird watching, world class golf, gorgeous beaches and opportunities to live or vacation in a world class community.

Manzanillo was founded as a port city in 1873. Over the past year, it has passed Vera Cruz Mexico as the largest volume port and received over 1 million 20ft containers each year. Bananas, coconuts, coffee and organic salt plantations are also in the area. 130,000 people in Manzanillo but with the city spread over two beautiful bays it holds the small town charm which makes it a magical place to spend your vacation or retire in tranquility and tranquility.

Manzanillo has all the necessities. First class hospitals, Healthcare (at a fraction of the cost in the United States), Affordable Dentistry, Bi and Tri Lingual Private Schools, International Airport, Shopping Centers (Wal Mart, Sorianas and more), Churches, Cinemas, Public Transport, High Speed ​​Internet Services, High Speed ​​Internet Services . Americans and Canadians have been flocking to this area for years. Easy living and cheap living (under 1000.00 a month) is an opportunity that calls us who have suffered in the US economic downturn. Foreigners love the charm and traditions of Mexico. There, kindness and generosity will smile. Celebrations and traditions are common and very fun to participate in.

The economy in Manzanillo has been a success here south of the border. With recent growth in the port industry, a strong middle class and an increase in foreign tourism, the town has flourished over the past three years. Real estate has grown steadily and the job market is strong. The future looks bright for Manzanillo.


See you in paradise,

Jeremy Lusch

How to start your travel diary

Writing a travel diary can be a fun experience. You will jot down everything from your travels around the world and create kinds of memorable ways. After a few years, the calendar will be like a source of nostalgia for you. So if you have been planning to start a travel diary for quite some time now, here are some tips to help you get started.

Select a medium for calendar entries

Most people love the idea of ​​writing their travel stories in a leather notebook. However, if you want the world to read about your adventures, you can even start a blog and start posting your posts. It could be anything from a small paragraph about the places you visit or your experience. And if you have time, you can even write a perfect blog to help plan your trips.

Start traveling ASAP

In order to maintain a travel journal, you must first start traveling. Get to your destination and go there. If you have a busy life, dedicate a certain period of the year to your travels. If you do not have money, you can save yourself and organize a budget trip. For example, you can easily book cheap flights well in advance so you save both money and time.

Earn experience

That is why most of these days they want to be tourists and not tourists. This is because tourists go around and explore the main monuments or historical landmarks. On the other hand, tourists explore the local culture and lifestyle of the people living there. So, while you are traveling, remember to not only see the important places but also get an insight into the life and culture of the locals. This will immediately add a lot of value to your travel diary.

Eat a variety of delicious dishes

One of the best things about traveling is that you will be able to try various local dishes that may not be available in your hometown. Try local eateries and small places that create and sell authentic dishes. Before you start your journey, you can even do a little research on your destination to know about the best restaurants there.

Keeping a travel journal is one of the most beautiful ways to record your life. Many years later, when you look back on your calendar or blog, you become numb in an instant. And then you will be grateful to start your tour. Have a good trip!

Traveling around Europe – How to travel around Europe on a cheaper budget

We all want to travel around Europe on a cheaper budget these days.

Budget and discount airlines have sprung up in almost all European countries over the last few years – all of them bravely fighting each other to offer the cheapest airfare. But do we really benefit from these discounted rates on European trips or do we weigh the disadvantages of trying to travel around Europe cheaply? Will low-fare airfares blind us to the increased trouble that cheap prices might hide? Let's look at some current cheap travel offers in Europe and see what we find.

Almost every European country now has at least one non-airline. Easy Jet and Ryan Air are becoming well known and popular in the UK and Ireland. In Germany there are four or five low cost airlines and cheap airline experts. At the same time, in Sweden, SAS has recently launched its own budget called Snowflake.

At first glance, fares that these airlines charge may seem ridiculously low; Ryan Air has let its flights almost free before – though you still have to pay the airport tax of about £ 20 in the UK. But where's the catch? Is there any catch? Can you really travel around Europe by air without spending a fortune?

Here's the deal if you want to travel around Europe on a cheaper budget:

First, European air fares are always used almost from regional airports – often about forty or fifty miles from the city center. This can add up to two hours of travel time to the trip at either end. You also have to pay for a bus or train connection to get from your airport to the city center. Make sure to add this price to the cost of your ticket when comparing prices between cheap air travel and general airline prices. In most cases, the major airlines will fly you into the downtown airport, thus reducing your travel time and the cost of additional transport.

If you are unlucky to miss a flight, you could literally be stuck at the very rural airport overnight with all the grocery stores closed and no way to get back into town or city.

Second, you only get what you pay for. European budget airlines are not allowed to offer any food and beverage service. Or, if they do, they will charge you for it at a premium. Coffee, sandwiches and beer can be very expensive. To be fair, many flights are only for an hour or two so snacks and drinks may not be such big things.

Third – calculate the total travel time and compare it to the cost. For example: it takes five hours to go from Glasgow city center to Scotland to the very center of London by train and it costs around twenty-five pounds each way.

Right now – you could pick up cheap flights from Glasgow to London, only to find that both of your airports are forty miles from the city center. It immediately adds up to three hours of your travel time, not counting the waiting time at the airports, baggage handling and all the extra bankruptcy that comes with it. You also have to pay specifically for the bus or train journey from the airport to the city center and vice versa. You could well spend more money in the long run in less comfortable travel, unless the flight is very cheap. Check it all in advance if you can.

Fourth, prices for cheap airline tickets are only for APEX travelers. You may have to pay a lot extra if you need to change the flight time. Cheap airfare is also usually only available if you buy well in advance – by buying the day before or the day, the price adds a lot. The luggage discount is also on the average side – often no more than 15 kg or 20 kg per person. Anything more than that and you will face a very hefty premium on your cheap price tag.

In short – you can travel around Europe cheaply by choosing your discount package carefully. But try to weigh and evaluate all the extra hidden costs when comparing airline ticket prices. You should also take part in the extra travel time that arrives at the airport at the regional level.

Please remember: Don't get too hung up on all this!

Traveling in Europe is fun – however you do it.

Transcendent and Engrossing Travel Memoir

with Hello Diego Garcia: A Journey of Discovery (Journeys – Book 2) , the talented writer Susan Joyce tells of her further memories in which she began Lullaby Illusion: A Journey of Awakening (Tours – Volume 1) . The result is a fascinating book, combining adventure stories and travel books, which discuss the author's further adventures, when she and her husband, Charles, are invited by friends to ride a yacht as they break into her maiden voyage and travel to many unfamiliar places. As in the first book, the author goes on an inner self-discovery journey as well as experiencing a journey through life that many people only dream of seeing.

Hello Diego Garcia begins with the narrator and Charles back in Ojai, California, after spending untold hours in Cyprus, living through the 1974 coup and war there. The couple settles in a house they have rented and Charles waits in his old job to call him back and let him know that work is available to him. They do not seem to be very concerned about financial matters, as Charles has cashed in at least a few bank accounts for them to move forward.

Instant letters are received in the mail, which changes the life of the storyteller and her husband forever. The letter is from their friends, Mia and Dylan, who are now in Taiwan. Their friends are also friends of a Swedish millionaire, who owns several yachts, and has bought a new one. The Swedish millionaire has always broken the yachts in his maiden voyages before traveling around them, and Mia and Dylan invite the narrator and Charles on the trip, "to help ship the yacht from Trincormalee, Sri Lanka to Seychelles across India. Ocean and north through the Suez Canal. "

They made plans to meet Dylan and Mia in the port city of Trincomalee on the east coast of Sri Lanka. The name of the yacht they were traveling on was ZoZo.

Just to get where the storyteller and Charles eventually met up with Dylan and Mia was in itself an adventure. They travel to Bombay, where Charles scores quite a bit of hashish, and they get to stay in beautiful 5 star hotels, while seeing a great disparity between the rich and poor in Bombay and India, when they have hotels located near the Taj Mahal.

The storyteller notes in several places in Good Morning Diego Garcia that she kept a journal of her travels. She must have been detailed since the descriptions of the people they meet and the views they see are wonderfully described and make the storyteller's adventure become very real to her book readers.

Although the narrator and her husband have never boarded a yacht before, they are at first excited about the possibilities of traveling on a yacht to various destinations around the Indian Ocean. However, they discover that sailing will take place during the monsoon season and their journey will not be as enjoyable as they had expected it to be.

Along with his travels, the narrator impresses on Edgar Cayce's books and the importance of dreams for himself and himself. She also asks philosophical questions, sometimes for example, wondering why cows in India are believed to be sacred and not human.

It's all before they meet Dylan and Mia and begin a journey that takes them to destinations like the Seychelles and the island of Diego Garcia, a volcanic eruption in the Indian Ocean which is the largest of the 60 small islands made up of the Chagos archipelago, before returning to India and then move to Brussels, Belguim, in 1976.

Hello Diego Garcia: A Journey of Discovery (Journeys – Book 2), is an extremely well-written account of the storyteller and travels to unfamiliar places as well as being a story of her emotional and spiritual growth as a person. It's a must read for anyone who loves to read engaging and engaging travel memories, and especially for fans of the author's first book of the series, Lullaby Illusion: A Journey of Awakening.

Why your business needs business travel

As a business owner, you know that your time is limited. So you need to make sure you use it in the best way you can.

If there is one thing that most business owners tend to do that takes them too much time is travel? Even though you may need to do is often, the truth is that when you use a regular airline, the most unexpected things can happen, leading you to even more time wasting. So, one of the best things you can do is hire a travel company. Here's why:

# 1: Save time:

As we mentioned above, this is one of the main reasons why you absolutely need a travel company. When you have a more efficient booking process, you give your employees more time for real tasks.

# 2: Get the best fares:

Even though you already have your personal agent working on your travels for you and your business, the truth is that when you hire a travel company you will be able to enjoy even more savings.

# 3: Best Support:

When you work at a travel agency corporate organization, you can be sure that they are available to you around the clock. The truth is that these companies have on-site representatives who can help your staff get everything they need in the event of any travel interruptions.

# 4: Dealing With and Overcoming Travel Problems:

If you have been traveling alone, you know that problems can arise at any time. Since your flight has been canceled with or without reason, a cabin strike, among so many others, will be more frequent and could put your business at risk. When you already have a travel company you just need to call them and they will make all the necessary changes so you can still own the flight.

# 5: Professional Services:

When you work on business trips, you can be sure that you have the best professionals working with you. One of the best things is that you have an annual meeting with them. This meeting is hugely important for both as it allows you to tell your travel agent your business opinion and for them this is a great way to continue to improve their quality.

To make sure you don't waste your valuable time and money, just call business travel or fill out the form. You can be sure that they are one of the best and that they take good care of you and your business.