Why should parents let their teenagers travel with friends?

More often than not, you come across parents who & # 39; are willing to create a protective wall around their children – never let the child behave independently. While protecting your child from what you don't think is necessary, it is also important to make sure your child is a responsible person.

Because adolescence is the right age to teach the child a variety of things, including the importance of being responsible for one's own things and actions. This is also when parents who are overprotective parents might not be the best thing to do – so have your child tie their own shoes, pack their own bags, do their own homework and talk to their friends – even if it means talking about vacation .

This article summarizes the main reasons why parents should let their teenagers travel with friends –

It opens the doors of their knowledge – You have always taught your child the right things and did almost everything you could to share knowledge, let the trip be their parent once. When you let your child travel with their mates, remember that even though it is a little while, they will make sense – they will provide each other with the right information and that is exactly what your child needs.

It then gets you to look at things from a different perspective – Until then, the child looked at things in the way you made them look, but traveling opened many doors from different angles. Even if there is a group of ten friends traveling together, everyone will have their point of view – which means your child will not only learn to develop perspectives, but will readily accept each other.

Traveling with friends means better bonding – The mental development of a child is based on how well he or she can interact with his peers and what is better than traveling with such friends? Not only will it be a time for lots of fun, but also special relationship photos – and remember that your friends are traveling together.

Traveling would make your child a responsible adult – When traveling with friends, your child has no choice but to act responsibly – this means getting him alone with friends for good in some way. He will become a more responsible adult and in the long run he will also be able to make some wise decisions.

He will make mistakes, improve and get over – Traveling with friends should be your child's choice and if that gives him happiness, you should certainly allow him to go on that trip. Over the years, or perhaps in a particular journey, your child might make a mistake, but he will improve and most of all he will learn from them – so just let them travel.

While you may think your child is too young to travel with friends, remember that it will only benefit him in the long run. In addition, traveling is a way to live a better life and there is no right age for your child to travel, so be sure to let him make the decisions of his life from a very gentle age, even when it comes to traveling with friends.

Review Marketing Plannet – Is This Travel Agent Real Deal?

Recently, I received a few messages about a new travel-related online marketing company called Plannet Marketing. And chances are that if you & # 39; reads this, & # 39; are you probably thinking about joining and you & # 39; does some last minute research on the company. If so, look no further. In this Plannet Marketing Review, I will cover all the necessary information you need before joining. With that said, I would like to state that I am not a distributor of Plannet Marketing. In all honesty, it doesn't matter to me one way or the other if you participate so you know you'll get a truly unbiased review.

What is Marketing Plannet?

Plannet Marketing is a company that sells travel through the Network Marketing business model. The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and as of this writing, Plannet Marketing is over 6 months old. The company was founded by Donald Bradley, formerly YTB and Paycation Travel. Bradley has 20 years of online marketing experience. Prior to launching Plannet Marketing, Bradley was the # 1 Distributor and Revenue Capture in Paycation Travel. He literally had everyone in Paycation on his downline and was responsible for bringing in the company's top leadership. I'm not sure what happened, but the time Craig Jerabeck and Barry Donalson left 5linx and joined Paycation was the same thing Bradley decided to do. Maybe he didn't feel good about these guys joining in and getting sponsored by the company when he was the main distributor. Who knows? And who cares? Regardless of the reason, it looks like Bradley was ready to go through everything he built to start from scratch. Overall, the company looks pretty. And while it's too early to tell if they're even there for a long time because they're only a few months old, Bradley and other corporate members get a lot of experience in online marketing and travel, which is a good thing.

How Do You Make Money With Plannet Marketing?

The actual compensation plan provides distributors with several ways to get paid. But the crown jewel of the compensation plan is the 3X9 array. With the Matrix model, it is important that you get an early start if you want to utilize spillover. If you are located under a strong builder, you can benefit from their efforts as it puts people under you while it fills their county. With a full 3X9 array, you will have 29,523 distributors under you. If they are all active and you receive $ 4 monthly from each distributor, you can make up to $ 118,092 monthly. In addition to your Matrix salary, you can also earn 10% on Matrix Pay for your personally sponsored Distributors.

In addition to Matrix, the company provides directors with monthly bonuses. Here's a simple breakdown of how the director bonuses work:

1 star director – 100 active distributors – $ 500 / month
2 star director – 300 active distributors – $ 1,000 a month
3 star director – 500 active distributors – $ 2,000 / month
4 star director – 1,500 active distributors – $ 5,000 / month
5 star director – 4,000 active distributors – $ 10,000 / month
6 Star Director – 10,000 Active Distributors – $ 16,000 / Month
7-star director – 25,000 active distributors – $ 30,000 / month
8 Star Director – 50,000 Active Distributors – $ 50,000 / Month
9-Star Director – 100,000 Active Distributors – $ 100,000 / month

Between State Wages, 10% matching of your personal and director bonuses, it's pretty clear that there's plenty of money on the finish. If you are a strong group builder and you have the skills to create a good culture, Plannet Marketing could be a very lucrative opportunity for you.

Should You Engage in Marketing Plannet?

Well, only you can truly answer that. The company certainly looks confident. Travel is a very marketable service that is easy to talk about. And the compensation system is generous and lucrative. All these things together should guarantee success, right? Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. After all, it's your ability to continually empower people in your business that will lead to your success. That is why I recommend learning attraction marketing. If you can stand in front of prospects who are already looking for what you offer, you won't have trouble getting leads online. And if you have a lot of quality searches, then there is nothing to indicate how well you can succeed.

Luxury Trip to Costa Rica – 5 Places to Consider

Costa Rica has become a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world, and especially the United States. It's a convenient place, a year-round tropical climate and 800 miles of coastline, creating the perfect destination for business or pleasure.

In recent years, several companies in America have opened offices near the coast of Costa Rica. The country's educated, talented workforce is an additional impetus for a variety of industries, including the information technology sector. And every visitor to Costa Rica, whether for business or pleasure, gets to experience what is characterized as a "Pura Vida" lifestyle. This open and happy culture tends to help people relax and feel comfortable.

5 luxury accommodations to try out while traveling to Costa Rica

Whether you are traveling to Costa Rica for business or pleasure, chances are that you want to be somewhere you will really enjoy. Be sure to book a hotel in advance to get the perfect accommodation for your visit. Check out these 5 luxurious tourist destinations that are available in Costa Rica. These locations have been selected based on customer location, amenities, and glowing customer reviews:

  1. Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica on the Papagayo Peninsula: Situated right on the Gulf of Papagayo, this resort offers 5-star travel experience with full beach access and free WiFi. The resort offers many swimming pools, fitness facilities, restaurants, bars, tennis courts and golf courses. This resort is the perfect retreat and full of various entertainment options depending on your needs and interests.
  2. Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort at Manuel Antonio National Park: Located near the rainforest, private paths and white sandy beaches, this resort offers great views and entertainment for thrill seekers. This resort has received the Five Sustainability Leaf Award for carbon neutral sustainable accommodation and a vibrant neighborhood. This resort is ideal for nature lovers and adventurous souls.
  3. PURE Condo Resort: Located on the Herradura Bay, this 5-star luxury resort allows guests to immerse themselves in the Pura Vida lifestyle and relax by the water. This resort is located an hour away from the international airport and makes traveling painless. This resort allows guests to enjoy themselves at home in beautiful apartments that are perfect for families, couples or those traveling alone. This location offers guests the opportunity to browse local shops and get a taste for rich cuisine in nearby restaurants.
  4. Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort: Tabacon Resort is located in the middle of the tropical rainforest near the magnificent Arenal volcano and is a destination suitable for queens and kings! This resort offers guests something truly relaxing – a thermal river that has formed waterfalls, streams, swimming pools and ponds. This peaceful landscape allows guests to relax and enjoy nature at its best. Plenty of amenities are available at Tabacon, including spa services, rainforest restaurants and superb hotel rooms. This resort creates a relaxing holiday for all guests.
  5. Fine Rosa Blanca: Located in Santa Barbara, Costa Rica, this coffee plantation and inn was built right in the middle of beautiful gardens that produce coffee beans. This resort is accessible, located just 20 minutes from the international airport. With great views, sumptuous dining and refreshing pool and beach access, this resort offers a luxurious experience for all guests.

As a US-based agile software development company with offices in San Jose, Costa Rica, we have come to know all of the great places to stay, whether you are visiting for work, pleasure or a combination of both. All of the resources described above offer a unique experience for guests who seek to relax and capture the Pura Vida lifestyle. For more information on visiting Costa Rica, follow our blog to learn about some interesting facts about the country and places to visit on your trip.

History and background of travel agency

Basically when you tell a travel agent you can imagine someone who can assist you with the planning of your trip or someone who needs to be responsible for all the preparation you need. Travel Agencies are retail companies that assist customers with planning, booking and preparing holiday trips or just the transportation and accommodation you need.

Travel agencies sell travel-related products, they also provide great customer service for each customer they will have to help you understand the nature of such agencies. It is very important to know the history and background of the industry. These agencies basically provide services or preparation for suppliers such as airlines; Basically, it will be the one who will take care of preparing and ordering airline tickets for the customer. This is a very convenient way to not worry and it is less stressful for you to do all the preparation on the trip.

Travel agencies can also assist you with car rental or cruise ship rental depending on your vacation. This is also a great way to get rid of all the burden of calling on-site car rentals. Most of these agencies basically have connections to hotels, transport and sightseeing buses that are necessary during travel. You have to keep in mind that they can also give you a discounted price for the trip you want.

Basically, it is known that the British company is one of the oldest institution in the world. It is said that the travel agencies had their roots in the beginning of 1758 and they usually had rich customers. Before they said the company was a top-notch bank, they went to other companies like planning and preparing trips for their customers. It is known that agency offices were only carried out in the 19th century. A famous number like Mr. Cook developed a travel package for customers who love to travel and then put it very well from there on many travel agencies in the market. In the 19th century, many travel agencies already exist, where the first travel agency became very famous, especially for wealthy people who want a hassle-free vacation. They realize that it is convenient and practical to go on a package tour rather than doing the things themselves with all the preparation and planning. Many travelers love the idea of ​​a package tour where they need to do is wait for the vacation.

Before the first famous way to travel is through trains and cars or cruises, many states therefore decided to have this type of holiday preparation that is why at this time. This type of holiday planning is still famous for many who love to travel.

Travel agencies in the past are only affordable by only the upper class family in society, but in modern times, each individual can already take advantage of a different vacation package package.

Travel writing – Write in the third person

If you are writing travel articles but consider what is best to enable you to get the most opportunity to get your articles published. One of the tips to consider is to write first or third person.

There are several smart and popular travel writers. Some of them are household names. Others are new and inspiring. These people are easy to write in the first person. They say "I did this" or "I did." Their articles are of a high standard.

However, writing in this way can be difficult and especially if you are not confirmed, it may be difficult for readers to connect with you. Frankly, people don't always want to know what you did, what you ate and where you went. Your article is not an autobiography. It's a journey.

People feel better when you speak and write in a third person (unless they know you or know you). So you would say, "continue on Western Avenue" rather than "I continued on Western Avenue" and "try the duck in wine sauce" rather than "I duck in the wine sauce."

You are giving your readers a guide, drawing, and opportunity to build their loose plans and experiences loosely on the facts you can produce. You are not asking them to live a typical day in your itinerary.

Let your readers experience the travel information you have in an objective and factual way. Write in the third person, not the first.

Scooters – How far can your scooter go on a charge?

Scooters are in the range they can reach depending on the type of scooter and brand. You have electric scooters and gasoline scooters from many companies. I'm going to talk about mileage and the use of Razor Electric Scooters. There are plenty of different options with Razor electric scooters, such as color speed, size, seating options, distance you can travel and more. In the Razor electric scooter line there are 3 main scooters and then variants of each. First you have the E100 series, then the E200 and E200S, finally E300 and E300S. All these scooters offer the wheels that you can ride on them. Some are better for beginners, others are better for those who want speed, and some are better for those who want comfort. Anyway, Razor is an electric scooter for just about anyone.

The E100 is the simplest of all razor electric scooters. It is the cheapest, lose weight, comes in two colors, but does not have a seat. The E100 is red and pink. It goes up to 10 mph and as far as the E100 mileage is good. You can travel anywhere from 5 to 10 miles on a single charge, often lasting up to 40 minutes driving time. Mileage and speed are going to change slightly depending on the operator's weight and driving style.

The E200 is another in the Razors electric scooter line. The E200 will only be better than the E100. First, it has the option of seating. It comes with E200S. So if you just want to sail around you can sit down or stand up, whichever is most convenient. E200 travels up to 13 km / h. And can travel up to 10 miles per charge. The E200 can take up to 45 minutes to charge.

The E300 is the best electric scooter in the Razor range. The E300 also has a seat option in the E300S. The E300 is the fastest and best. It can travel more 10 miles and up to 15 mph and more, with a few wheels, on a charge. You can ride this scooter for almost an hour on a charge. Traveling at 15 km / h on a scooter is quite fast. Even if it doesn't seem so fast, if you get the wind blowing in your face and feet near the ground, you could only keep the gas supply.

The Electric Razor Scooter line is at the top of the line and has options for everyone. If you are young or a beginner, start with E100 or E200. If you are looking for speed and distance, the E300 is for you. If you would rather have the comfort and ability to sit down then the E200S or E300S are right for you. Whatever the case may be, these scooters are bombs to ride.

5 Important Tips for Traveling in Morocco

One of the most common comments about Morocco is that people are extremely lovable. This is absolutely true! Generosity is the substance of the nation, and you will find it everywhere, from the poorest villages to the wealthiest fences.

# 1 Do your research! Find out which areas of Morocco are interesting and what activities you might want to participate in. The geography of Morocco is very similar to California and offers wine tasting, surfing, horseback riding, hiking and much more. It, of course, in addition to traveling to the Sahara desert and meeting the pastoralists who have lived there for thousands of years. Work out your interests and plan your trip around them.

# 2 If you want to secure a great experience and have a budget, hire a driver / tour guide who will drive you all over Morocco and make sure you are all right all the time. These drivers / guides are crowded and uniquely accommodating and it is well worth pursuing their services. Vehicle sizes range from sedans to minivans and allow you much more freedom on your travels and also provide you with a safety net by having a native "family member". (More than likely, you will be invited home for dinner!)

# 3 The food is lovely in Morocco, mainly Arabic and Berber fare with French influences and the variety is stunning! The traditional Moroccan dish is called Tagine and is in almost infinite variations … beef with prunes, chicken and almonds, fish, goat, lamb and vegetables. Morocco's "fast food" for lunch or dinner is tagine and tagine shops are waiting for you everywhere. Tagine is also a special conical pottery where the meal is cooked. It's almost impossible to go wrong!

# 4 The water is not potable in Morocco, you will weaken if you consume ice cream (except in higher-end hotels), eat salads, or brush your teeth with water. The only option is bottled water and they do not have any BPA regulations in their plastic bottles, so the best idea is to buy a portable water filter to use while you are there. It's okay to eat fruit if you peel your skin – such as bananas, oranges, avocados, etc.

# 5 Be open to involuntary fun! Moroccans are dedicated to enjoying life to the full and there are ALWAYS festivals, celebrations and gatherings, so be open to changing your schedule for those untimely experiences.

In our experience, the only people with bad experience in Morocco are the people who get the Tourista – weak from drinking the water. Everyone else fears about the beauty, hospitality, diversity … and traveling home with happy, unforgettable memories of this alien land.

How having the right identification of dogs can help you better with your travels

No loving family wanted their dog lost while traveling. But dogs are like children and when they are unattended, unfortunate things can happen. Pets who have a proper understanding of themselves have a better chance of being found compared to those who do not.

Here are some tips to give your pet proper identification

Make sure your pet has your ID. As a basic identification, your dog should have a social security number around his neck. This is a temporary solution and can help identify your pet faster. Also, pet identification can be lost, especially when your dog moves around most of the time.

A permanent solution would be to put a microchip on your pet or tattoo information on your pet on its skin. Microchip serves as a permanent identification system and will always be with your pet. Each chip contains a separate identification number that can be read with a microchip scanner. It has all the data needed to bring the pet to its owner, so you don't forget to keep the microchip up.

Create a list of your dogs unique, identifying tags. When you are facing several dogs of the same breed, it will be difficult to tell which of your pets is each. Your pet's unique identification will prove that you are indeed the owner of the pet.

Recently posted photo. Although it is cute to keep a picture of your dog when he is only young, it does not work to identify them if he is lost. When you go on a trip, make sure you have the latest photo of your pet. Have it copied or faxed if necessary.

When your dog is missing

  1. As soon as you realize that your pet has disappeared, call the authorities and let them know that you are missing a pet. The sooner you call, the more likely your dog will be found right away.
  2. Ensure the necessary documentation to help identify your dog. The latest photo would be most helpful and it would be great if you recognized your pet's unique features.
  3. If you are smart enough to put a dog ID or have the cookie arrow on you, you will probably get a call. So do not forget to have the phone when searching for your dog.
  4. Bring some bait. Bring a toy, trimmings box or something your dog would love to hear. That, along with the tone of your voice, can tell your pet that everything is fine. Usually they come running when they hear a familiar sound.

How fast is your data traveling the Internet?

The speed of light is approximately 300,000 km per second. Did you know that electrons that use electricity also use very close to this speed. The information that travels on the internet also travels near this speed. The information or molded electrons travel somewhere around 60% of the light speed of most conductors.

WiFi signals, which travel mostly through the air, travel much closer to light speeds than electrons passing through copper wires. These signals can travel at the maximum recorded speed of light in a vacuum, which is approximately 185,000 miles per second.

Certain calculations show that electrons can pass through a conductor at 90% of the speed of light. Imagine how fast these particles could travel in a vacuum. To get them to travel faster, you need to spend much more energy. This is because the electron becomes much heavier as they reach light speeds. However, light travels 186,000 miles per second in space. The outer space is considered to be in a vacuum. So maybe light waves reduce friction. Your shades can prevent UV radiation. Indeed, many scientists believe that it takes certain types of radiation millions of years to escape the center of the sun after millions of nuclear reactions.

The speed of travel is very dependent on the medium it travels through. Consider that there are materials that light cannot pass through. Light can never pass through lead or various types of metal. The metaphors or waves, try to get into these materials. However, they only land on the outside and become kinetic. This means that they heat up the surface of these substances and spread to nothing. Maybe they will become potential energy. The law of thermodynamics would indicate this. The first law of thermodynamics is known as the law of conservation. These laws provide that content or isolated systems cannot be created or wasted. The second law of thermodynamics sets a notable format for the first layers. The second law stipulates that the chaos of any kind of content or isolated system always increases.

The speed of light is measured 186,000 miles per second. The distance information travels on the Internet is thousands of miles per second. In fact, the time it takes to get information is instant. Of course, there are various devices that slow down the process such as switching and various types of switches. But the process that slows down this method of information travel is how fast people make decisions and can send their ideas onto the Internet. Human ideas can make the internet a great way to change the world. But the Internet can also be a way to send bad ideas.

Best regards.

A retired, single caravan & # 39; is Tours

For about 30 years, I practiced law in Mesa, Arizona. (Please don't hold this against me. I wasn't really a good lawyer, really.) When I was about to turn 62 and collect Social Security, I decided to quit and retire. I already had Coleman camping and a small pickup truck. My marriage had gone to hell and I had a bad case to give way to. I decided that a few days or months on the road would be fun.

I loved it right away. I spent weeks and months together in camps around the Southwest. I fished in dozens of lakes and met dozens of people, most of whom were much finer individuals than
those I had associated with my exercises. I enjoyed them all but found that most were either married or seriously married. I was still in a married life. I wasn't really part of any social group. I missed sitting around the fire and telling lies to people with my own lifestyle. I loved the RVing lifestyle but missed the closer social life. So I discovered Loners on Wheels, Inc.

I don't know where I first heard of Loners on Wheels (LoWs) but somehow I was offered a camp sponsored by the Tucson chapter. I loved it! Here was a lot of tents, just
like me, to have the time of their lives. Playing games every night. Happy hour every night. Coffee together every morning. Hiking and fishing and do nothing. It was great! I participated

A few words about LoWs. This is a club consisting of thousands of individual camps. It has sections in every state and most of Canada's provinces. To be a LoW, you have to be a legal single and have a desire to socialize and camp with other single people. It is not a strategic service. If your sole purpose is to find a spouse, then you can do much better with Parents without a partner or any of many similar organizations. 3,000 members of this club organize camps at least once a month. We band together simply because we are not comfortable with the couple only the community we all come from. In this club we can enjoy wonderful social activities and
yet maintaining our happy lifestyle.

Many of our LoWs are retired. The way of life was made for us. Most of my family is working in their heart to try to get to where I am now! We still have loving family and friends "at home" but they simply do not have the time to give us the love and care we find in this club.

Come with me !!